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Attachment observation

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The child I observed was a male 8 months old. This child had been in the same daycare for over a year, this child was also the only child in his family . Mom was a fulltime employee and was raising the boy on her own with no other parental support. I feel it is important to let you know these issues so you can see more of the big picture, as you might then be able to realize these things also factor into the child and parents reactions or lack of them. I hope you will be able to take this in to thought while reading this observation.

Part A1

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At departure the attachment behaviors that I saw the child displaying were, the tight grasp on mommys pant leg.

The constant looking back and fourth from mommy to the door and back again.

Most focus being on the door.

And the repeated words of mommy coming back over and over, seeming as to almost comfort himself by saying it over and over.

Part A

How the parent was responding was with a few gentle pats on the childs back.

While telling the little boy I love you and I will be back later. She said it over and over as she walked out the front door.

Seeming as to reassure him that she would indeed be back.

Part A

The caregiver responds by walking over and prying the childs hands off of mommys pant leg. And scooping up the child and takes the child into the classroom. While doing so telling the child mommy will be back later and you need to go and play and have fun until mommy comes back.

Part A4

From the actions that I witnessed of the parent, she seemed to be not really concerned that the child being upset, but more concerned about being late for work. The parent just really turned her back and walked out the front door, without comforting the child with nothing more than words. This is my opinion .

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