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Beauty by Robin McKinely: Plot and Conflict

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There were several conflicts throughout the delightful narrative in Beauty. In the beginning, the inner struggle within the heroine Beauty is quite evident. Her self-conflict in thinking herself very plain next to her two lovely sisters results in low self-esteem and insecurity. More than once, she refers to herself as looking like a ¡°scullery maid¡± or as a ¡°drab little sparrow¡± with a peacock¡¯s tail. (18). Furthermore, a slight family feud takes place after Beauty¡¯s father receives an ultimatum after stealing the Beast¡¯s rose. Either he or one of his daughters must become the Beast¡¯s prisoner. Mr. Huston states that it was his own fault and that ¡°none other shall pay for it¡± (76). However, Beauty insists that she will go and pleads with her father to be allowed to save his life. He relents, though he says heavily that she asks an ¡°impossible thing¡± (7). Most significantly, the main conflict is between Beauty and the Beast. The ugly Beast asks her to marry him every night at dinner, but Beauty cannot imagine becoming his bride. She resists him and his enchanted world at first, yet finds that it becomes harder and harder to give the daily ¡°no.¡± In spite of that, her sympathy blossoms into a love strong enough to break the magic.

The basic plot has a simply laid-out crisis and climax. When Beauty returns to the spellbound castle after a weeklong visit to her family, she finds the Beast dying. A great tragedy, since she¡¯s only found out that she is fonder of the gentle being than she realizes. Though exhausted and filthy from her lengthy ride, Beauty begs the Beast to awake. He does open his eyes but nevertheless declares, ¡°I cannot live without you, Beauty¡± (1). The golden moment and the highlight of the story dawns when the Beauty gushes, ¡°This is what I have to tell you then. I love you, and I want to marry you¡± (). An explosion of light transforms her beloved Beast to a handsome gentleman. The newfound couple receives Beauty¡¯s family and gives every indication of living happily ever after.

A fairy-tale like ending to the novel gives both satisfaction and puzzlement. The traditional story line of Beauty professing her love and restoring the Beast to human form is familiar and comforting. No unexpected or surprising twists can be found here. After the exhilarating roller coaster ride in exploring the unconventional character of Beauty and her entertaining life, this steady ground is welcome. In addition, the most important questions the reader has are answered. Can Beauty tame this Beast? Will the Beast ever regain his true form? What will become of Beauty¡¯s dear family? The audience will find sufficient material to quench the thirst of curiosity at the curtain¡¯s close. On the other hand, the ambiguousness of the last few pages leaves too much room for the imagination to wonder. The small gaps are here and there. Although the mysterious conclusion creates drama and flair, the reader does not come to know what happens to the characters¡¯ everyday lives now that this great event has taken place. An epilogue is definitely in order. This irresistible novel would be much better off not leaving loose ends behind.

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