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I am writing you on behalf of my recent speech that was given on April , 00.

I was explained to why that my speech was ginappropriateh for class, yet after reviewing my green guidelines sheet, I still do not understand why I should be expected to write another plan for the future, if I would like ga fair grade,h as you had put it. After reviewing the green guidelines sheet, this is what I have found

PLAN FOR THE FUTURE (goals for the upcoming year) ¨ PERSUASIVE

The most emphasis should be placed on the PLAN FOR THE FUTURE component (- minutes). As Chief Executive, you should have well defined goals and proposals for carrying them out. Keep in mind your audience and gsellh your plan!

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ã Dress as if you are the Chief Executive (or as attire as if you were going to a job interview).

ã You may use ONE notecard to aid you in your speech (4x6, 1 side only)

ã An outline of your complete speech is due on Monday, April 8 (this should be a COMPLETE outline of all the information you plan to include in your speech).

ã A bibliography of your sources for your speech is also due on Monday, April 8.

Nowhere did it mention that my ideas as the Chief Executive has to be the same or similar to that of George W. Bush, EVHS teachers, or anyone else for that matter. Were my ideas different from what you had expected? Apparently. Should I be penalized, or graded unfairly because of it? In my opinion, as well as others that I have spoken with, no.

I will review my plans for the future now.

Proposal #1 50 billion dollars for military use

Personal Response Nothing out of the ordinary or irrational.

Proposal # Give Iraq a democracy, and with that, give them the United States democracy, and make Iraq, the 51st state of America.

Personal Response We have already invaded Iraq, and removed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. My thoughts are since we went to the trouble of invading Iraq, and removing their leader, why not make them part of the US, since we went to all the trouble of invading them. Iraq has one of the largest populations of terrorist cells, and organizations. If Iraq was to be part of the United States, I would be willing to assume that those terrorist cells and organizations would either flea, or pursuit a life style free of terrorism.

Proposal # Turn Afghanistan into the 5nd state of America.

Personal Response We have invaded Afghanistan, and removed the Taliban from rule. I do not see why we do not make them a state, or at the least, part of the United States. We went to the trouble of invading their country, so I feel it is out duty to continue to make sure that Afghanistan is a safe place, with funding. I do not see anyway of doing this without making them part of our country. Afghanistan is home to the Taliban and other terrorist groups. It is a similar situation to that of Iraqfs, I believe terrorists will flea or disarm if they are living in a US colony.

Proposal #4 Turn Iran into the 5rd state of America.

Personal Response This is a similar situation to that of Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran is harboring terrorists, and I believe President Bush will attack Iran after we are completed uniting Iraq. I donft ultimately see any change, unless the US is physically in Iran to end Terrorism, thus making Iran the 5rd state of America.

Proposal #5 Legalize all illegal drugs for recreational use.

Personal Response I want to legalize drugs for revenue for the government. By growing, and selling drugs, the government could benefit from the profit. The United States is in an enormous debt. By growing, and selling drugs, they could make a large profit that the government does not have now.

Proposal #6 Invade Canada, and turn Canada into the 54th state of America.

Personal Response Unlike Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan; Canada is not harboring terrorists that are of threat to the United States. This is my most off proposal, yet I feel it could benefit the US, as well as Canada if we unite into one country. It is clear that America is having a gas crisis. Gas prices fluctuate daily, and there is a scare that there will be a shortage in years to come. Not only does Canada have mass amounts of natural gas, but it is for the most part, unused. We could really benefit from what they have to offer, as well as they could benefit from what the United States has to offer. Canada also gas coal, gold, and silver among many things.

My ideas are somewhat irrational to someone who does not understand the point that I am coming from. However I do have well defined goals, and proposals. The most peculiar of my proposals was to invade the country of Canada. Not only did I have reasons for invading Canada, but I also informed my mom that the United States should invade Canada over six months ago. She of coursed responded, gthat is one of the craziest things, it will never happen.h I hope you reconsider, because this is how I feel, and no matter what; I will not change my mind on how I feel about this. I could change my speech, but what would it teach me? That does not change the fact, that this is what I believe and I do not feel I should be graded unfairly for my beliefs. I am certain however; I will not be the only one objecting to being penalized for beliefs in a public high school.

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