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Could the Chinese been the New World Conquerers

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From what I gathered Kristof believes that if the Chinese have been more interested in money they would have rather traveled and conquered instead of worrying about their prestige and education. Kristof writes that the elite Chinese did not care about business. They actually thought less of those that had to do with business or money. For instance, merchants who might have been wealthy would have still been in the bottom of the class system, because to the Chinese money was not important.

I agree to what Kristof say just because anything could be possible. It is difficult to say that the Chinese would not have been able to conquer the New World, because they never tried it. So we do not know if they would have succeeded. I also agree with the comment Kristof says that the Europeans were greedier so that pushed them more. That motivated them to discover new lands in order to get more treasure and wealth, while the Chinese did not care.

Some of the reasons for trading that I understood in Zhang Han’s essay had mostly to do with comfort. For instance, in the beginning of the essay the first line reads “Money and profit are of great importance to men.” Then he explains that men that become merchants will live in luxury and will eat fine food. Somehow I do not believe that the Chinese would agree with this, just because they supposedly don’t want to be involves in business. Because of this they missed out in a lot of opportunities. That would have helped out their technology and society.

In Columbus letter to the king and queen he describes the inhabitants of the islands as scared, they fled when they saw them, they were also timid, naive, and generous. In a section of the letter he says that they “display as much love as if they would give their hearts.” This to me show how good-hearted they were and how they were taking advantage of, because Columbus did take advantage of this, and not only Columbus but the other explorers that came after him.

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The comments that Sale says about the inhabitants of the islands, according from what Columbus wrote, were since they did not have any religions or speech they would be good servants, or slave since they would not be paid. Of course they were not able to make the natives slaves since many of them were killed or died from diseases.

All of these actions show me how the Spaniards were savages. Even though they wore clothes, had a ‘religion’, ‘knew’ a language, they were still savages and uncivilized in the way they acted. All their teaching did not show them how to treat other people that did not look like them; apparently they believed they were better. They were also greedy because when they were invited to stay with the king of the Aztecs, the moment they knew about the treasure they were already planning on how to steal. That is not really nice. The Aztecs acted more friendly, although they might have been suspicious they still did not treat them rudely.

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