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The First World War

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Technology played a major role in WW1, so much in fact, that tactics were way behind it. This led to 1th century fighting using 0th century weapons. This would explain the large numbers of KIAs on all sides of the war.

For example, the first belt-fed machine gun was introduced in combat during WW1. The Maxium machine gun fired close to 00 rounds a minute. Generals and military strategist of the time had no idea how to use a weapon of this magnitute. The result was, large human wave attacks were launched at these new weapons the same way they would charge a cannon in previous wars. The only difference is, a cannon fires one shot and requires typically men to operate and aim it. This was a very time consuming process and if one side were to charge it with enough troops, there was a good chance of taking it. In WW1 they tried to use this tactic against machine gun positions with very deadly results. Thousands of men ran to their bloody deaths at the hands of machine gunners for not a inch of ground gained. A machine gun crew could expend thousands of rounds in a matter of minutes, pick the weapon up and move to another position in a blink of an eye. They just couldnt over wealm it when it was placed in a defensive position.

Artillery also came into age during the WW1, as I mentioned above about the cannon, these new artillery pieces took many men to operate and aim them, however, the new artillery pieces or field guns had a quicker rate of fire and had a great accuracy. This was due in part with the advent of the rifled barrel and self-charged rounds. This gave Generals a new source of firepower over greater distances. Sadly though, many of those officers had no idea on how to incorporate these new weapons or how to go about adjusting their tactics.

WW1 was also the first time that the tank was ever introduced into the battlefield. These first tanks were slow, unaccurate, and very bulky. The first tanks were so bad that they never really infulenced the war. However, it did bring about new ideas on how future wars could be fought. In WW1, tanks were used as direct support of the infantry. This means that the tank would move up thru the bobbed wire and mine fields while the infantry would follow directly behind it. With improvements to the tank itself and the methods in which they were used changed during WW, the world witness first hand how powerful the tank could be in the hands of the right user.

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Finally, WW1 was the first war that weapons of mass distruction were ever used - gas. The germans were the first to use this new deadly weapon. The would use their artillery as means of delivery and thousands of people died before gas maskes could be developed to counter this weapon.

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