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gender roles

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At a young age we all learned that boys and girls different. Mother Goose told us “ boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. Girls are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice.” This is an interesting way for adults to explain to children the obvious differences in mannerisms of their fellow playmates.

As illustrated in the comic strip, Nature vs. Nurture, a girl is depicted playing nicely with her doll. The child’s dad ad tries showing her how much fun it can be to play with a fire truck. He yells out “It’s a four-alarm fire everybody get out of the way!” Then hands the truck over to his little girl to play with. She is confused at first, and then feels sorry for the “poor little truckie.” and proceeds to wrap it up in a blankee, pampering it with a bottle.

Boys, on the other hand, are more aggressive. They enjoy playing with cars, trucks, and action figures. They may even engage in rowdy, loud, or violent behavior. During playtime, boys might imitate the kicks and hits they view on television. Though these behaviors may not be encouraged, such actions are considered the norm. “Boys will be boys.”

Different things motivate men and woman. Given theses examples it is common for girls to begin the act of nurturing or mothering at a young age. When girls grow up, they start talking about their biological clock; tick-tock, tick-tock. Women are more sensitive, talkative and most of all emotional. The desire to nurture others motivates women. Thus, they take on the task of finding a dependable, loyal and financially secure enough man to build a family. As women become more independent, they desire different qualities from men than they did 60 years ago. Women now aspire to be tough enough to make it on their own sometimes for fear of depending too much on a man. Balancing the desires for a career and family life is difficult but it seems necessary in their fight for equality.

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Because the rules of women in society are changing, it is becoming more of a challenge for men to conform. Historically men were urged to excel and become monetarily independent in hopes to catch the attention of a woman. Currently women are beside them in the work force, the aspiration to marry a wealthy man is lesser a necessity, but a desire. Women are also asking men to be emotionally available, honest and caring.

As the gender roles continue to blend, it is becoming more acceptable for a man to be sensitive and a woman to be independent and strong. While women are learning the art of beer drinking, wrestling and company management, men are learning the art of emotional conversation and closeness. Yes, we have been told opposites attract, but isn’t it wonderful to be understood? Women sure think so.

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