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THe Great Gatsby

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Let’s face it, The Great Gatsby wouldn’t have been as great a novel as it is today if it didn’t have a setting that tied the plot together. Fitzgerald’s settings in the novel make it possible for the reader to understand the character’s points of view and help the reader come to a conclusion on a major theme of the novel. The Great Gatsby has four major settings East Egg, West Egg, New York, and the Valley of Ashes, although these are somewhat general places. To be more specific, Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway preside over in West Egg while Daisy and Tom Buchanan live their purposeless, unfulfilling lives in East Egg. By focusing directly on the character’s homes, the reader becomes more acquainted with the character’s traits and can more easily piece together the major theme of the corruption of the American Dream.

A corrupting effect of wealth can easily be found among both the established rich people of East Egg and the newly rich residents of West Egg. The people of East Egg, such as Tom and Daisy Buchanan, have developed in a world of money and hold an empty future encompassed by possessions. On the other hand, the inhabitants of West Egg have worked their way up into the world of fortune, many dishonestly, such as Gatsby. The events that take place in East Egg uphold conservatism and power; they are moderately simple and quiet. Parties and lack of refinement, on the contrary, consume West Egg. When the plot is occurring in West Egg, the story is generally fast-paced; when the plot is occurring in East Egg, the pace slows.

The Buchanan home is the home of the Ivy League set who have had wealth for a long time and are comfortable with it. Since they are secure with their money, they have no need to show it off. Tom and Daisy’s lives are filled with emptiness and misery. Neither of the two are happy whenever they are at their home, most of the arguments between Daisy and Tom occur there. Daisy is the embodiment of the shallowness her home represents. Daisy uses her wealth to manipulate and cover up for herself, as seen on the night after killing Myrtle when she returns to her home. She uses her money to protect her from reality, and when reality threatens her, she cries and goes back inside her protective home of wealth.

The Gatsby home is an enormous gothic mansion in West Egg. Gatsby lives there because his money is new and he lacks the social qualifications to be accepted in East Egg. His house, like the rest of his possessions, such as his pink suit and other clothing, is tasteless and would be completely out of place in the more refined, conservative East Egg. Many social gatherings take place at Gatsby mansion; Gatsby constantly feels the need to show off his wealth, especially to Daisy, who he so desperately wants. One event that stands out in Gatsby’s home is the day that Daisy and Nick came into Gatsby’s house and Gatsby began to throw all of his expensive clothes onto the bed and floor in front of Daisy, causing her to cry. Here, it can be seen that Daisy wishes she could have shared in the wealthy, more luxurious life of Gatsby.

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One of the most ironic things in The Great Gatsby is the fact that living right next door to Jay Gatsby is Nick Carraway, whose home is next to nothing compared to that of Gatsby’s mansion. Nick’s home serves as the first meeting place for Gatsby and Daisy. Nick is an honest man, is slow to judge people, and has worked hard to acquire the small amount of money that he has. Nick’s home is simple and contradicts the more fashionable homes and lives of those in West Egg.

All of these homes inform the reader of the novel’s theme of the corruption of the American Dream, with the exception of Nick, showing that wealth does not equal happiness. All of these characters live securely in their wealth, whether “old-rich” or “newly-rich,” they all have been corrupted by money and greed. These characters took refuge in their possessions and money, which in turn led them to lives full of unhappiness and emptiness.

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