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“The Public’s Way”

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Lust. Hatred. Violence. These are words that arouse an almost anti-religious sentiment. However, they are also popular topics in today’s movie industry. This industry is evolving in enormous strides, yet, it is clear that there has always been one purpose in the minds of directors and producers to please the audience. Even now, with the technology to create realistic images from scratch and a seemingly infinite pool of movie scripts, directors must constantly spew out new approaches to films in order to gain approval from an increasingly critical crowd.

When we first set out to make a movie, we wanted to discover a way in which the public would adore someone as a writer and producer. The people had to love our movie. We concentrated on what the people desired, and that alone, which we did by directly giving them what they wanted. It was a movie that combined the fantasy of Legend, drama of Citizen Kane, and action of James Bond, all in one, not dealing with any ambiguous messages that leave the public standing alone without an answer. By piecing together what we felt were intrinsic qualities of a blockbuster hit, we developed a movie that the people could not resist.

First off, our movie had to portray the beauty and art of the human body. As all directors in the business know, nudity means ratings. It is what people want. This prompted us into painting the background as a nude beach. Dealing with some nudity, the audience also wants some sort of a dramatic story in the movie, so we decided to put a love triangle of lesbians cheating on each other, getting mad and killing one another.

It also had to illustrate the reality of violence through graphic scenes. Gory images of decapitated bodies, slit throats, and the like were highly favorable. People running around screaming for their lives seemed like an interesting topic to put into our movie. The characters had to have some sort of weird twist to them so we decided that our characters should be cannibals.

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There also seemed to be a demand for characters to which the audience could relate. We combined my characters’ natural speech with profanity. We also wanted to make the movie appealing to the younger generation, and succeeded marvelously in adding characters that interested them. There had to be teenage potheads and gangsters living a life full of hardships and failures.

A movie that is made to make the audience think makes the critical crowd full of rage. People always wondering about what a movie meant and what its meaning behind it makes them aggravated and frustrated. Therefore, a movie that was very straight forward and let the audience know what kind of message it was trying to portray was created by our hands.

Following such a format, we were then able to put together our masterpiece the story of a teenage gang made up of violent lesbian cannibals cussing and running around naked while getting high.

“Perfection.” There was no other name we could give it. Creating a story with perfect elements could not be anything less. Not only that, but we wanted to lucidly portray these elements which, other movies usually just implied. A movie that did not vaguely refer to drug use, sex, and violence, but one that just gave it to them. Many people might wonder how we came up with such an ingenious idea, but it is very plain and simple. The movie industry business is already heading in that direction and we are just mainly ahead of the game.

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