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Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story

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Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story are both similar stories. West Side Story is a parody of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. The difference between the two is that one is theatrical and the other is play form. In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting Romeo and Juliet’s Romeo from West Side Story’s Tony. These two characters do many thinks alike in order to achieve the goal of winning the girl of their dreams.

Romeo and Tony are both trying to find the girl of their dreams. They both end up meeting a beautiful girl that they feel have known their whole lives. Romeo falls madly in love with Juliet who he meets at a masquerade ball. He sees her out of the corner of his eye and realizes that she is the one for him. Romeo goes up to her and starts dancing with her, which she then knows that he is the one for her. Paris, the man Juliet is supposed to marry, finds out that Romeo is a Montague and starts to pick a fight with Romeo. Lord Capulet ends up stopping the fight. This is almost exactly the same thing that happens to Tony in West Side Story.

Tony was a member of the Jet’s, a gang, until he got a job. He didn’t want to be in the gang anymore once he got the job. Riff, the leader of the gang, came to Tony and told him to attend a dance. When Tony arrived at the dance Riff and the Jets were having a dance off against the Sharks, the rival gang. When Tony looks to his left he sees a beautiful girl in a white dress. They start walking towards each other and when they reach each other they start to sing. They get real close and eventually they kiss. He brother, who happens to be the leader of the Sharks, gets mad and pulls her away from Tony and sent her home. Tony didn’t want to find out her name until she was almost gone. This causes the fight between the Jets and the Sharks to get worse.

Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story sadly ended up in a tragedy. Things happened to Romeo and Tony that weren’t supposed to happen. Romeo was supposed to marry Juliet but that never happened. Juliet was in a tomb lying down after she took some poison that was supposed to make her sleep for 48 hours. When Romeo found her he thought she was dead so he killed himself. When Juliet woke and saw him dead she took a knife and killed herself. This is almost exactly what happened to Tony except someone killed him but she didn’t kill herself. Tony fell madly in love with Maria until the person that her brother set her up with found out and killed Tony. Maria was so sad but she lived on.

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These two stories were very similar to each other. They both ended up being tragedies. Both men were killed because of love. Both characters had an amazing love for a girl and that’s what kept them going. Friends and family tried to keep them away from the one person they loved but it didn’t work. Romeo and Tony both had a love for a woman and even though they are no longer living their love is still there.

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