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The Snow Goose Part 1

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The Guests

In part one of “The Snow Goose,” Philip Rhayader is portrayed as a lonely man, whose ugly appearance repels the people he encounters, but whose inner beauty and loving-kindness for all living thing are revealed throughout his years at the Great Marsh. Rhayader is a lonely twenty-seven-year-old hunchback when he first comes to the lighthouse in the Great Marsh. Rhayader, with his glowing eyes and clawed hand, is an outcast from most of society. He secludes himself in the lighthouse because of his failure of finding warmth from someone in his life. Some men feel sorry for him; he repels women. Men would like him if they got to know him. Despite his guise, his inner beauty is the opposite. He doesn’t hate; he loves man, the animal kingdom, and all of nature. Rhayader owns a sixteen-foot sailboat. He sails for long periods of time in search of the same quarry every time, birds. He sketches, photographs, and even brings birds home to his sanctuary. Normally he paints birds; sometimes he paints the countryside and the sunset. With his heart and soul going into his paintings, he thinks his Rhayader’s (paintings) are worth more than money. There are geese that come down each October from Iceland; they migrate back up north in the spring. The next year the same ones come back as guests because the birds have “germ-knowledge” or awareness that Rhayader’s lighthouse is a safe-haven, this makes Rhayader feel important, glad, less depressed, and not as lonely. Then one November afternoon, a child approaches the lighthouse studio, nervous and timid as a bird, with an accent that confirms her Saxon heritage. Close to fleeing for the door, the girl panics at the tall man with the black head and beard, and his hunched back. “What is it child?” says Rhayader with his deep kind voice reflecting his inner beauty. Motionless and frightened, she stands there. There is a bird in her arms, with stains of blood covering its whiteness. He can’t recollect what genre of bird it is instantaneously but when the girl edges forth into his studio he examines it. “In t’ marsh, sir, where fowlers had been. What- what is it, sir?” said the child with her Old Saxon accent. Rhayader replies, “It’s a snow goose from Canada. But how in all heaven came it her?” From being afraid as the legend says to sitting down and listening to Rhayader mend the wounds of the bird, she definitely recognizes the inner beauty of Rhayader. He is now more of a changed man and notices that his inner beauty is recognized more than his guise.

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