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why get married

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Marriage is a commitment of love, loyalty, and trust between two people who plan on being together for a lifetime. Does today’s woman feel emotionally satisfied with just being married? Or is it just society that dictates that a woman needs a partner to be emotionally fulfilled. Marriage could be a mistake, if a couple marries for reasons other than love. Do we then blame society for putting pressure on women to be married? It is the same society that influences our points of view, regarding whether we should be economically stable, emotionally balanced, physically attractive, in other words, perfect to get married. Should people wait until they are older and have more experience with life and relationships before they get married?

In today’s society women are focusing on different goals than before. Such as a professional career, a well paid job and economic independence. Those are the real expectations of a woman. Although, woman have become a lot more independent and stronger than before, their feelings as a woman bring on their necessity to fell protected and loved. Women today want to be emotionally fulfilled as well as financially independent in order to be satisfied with life.

Society today still puts great pressure on women to get married. For example, we have an economic factor where a couple will get married in order to improve their economic situation or status. Society tells us that women should be married before they get to old. Women are also expected to want and have children. We are brought up to believe that it is abnormal for a woman not to want to have babies. Some women choose never to get married, these woman are looked at by society to be emotionally deviant.

Life experience is very important for people to mature emotionally. As people grow and mature into adults their values and goals change. Young adults at the age of 18 will view a situation much different than an adult of 40 years old. Some couples say the reason their marriage failed was that they grew apart. This usually happens when a couple marries before they are emotionally mature. They did not have enough life experiences to form their values and emotional desires that they expect from their partner.

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In conclusion, love is very important in order to achieve a good married but there are also some other things to consider. Such as the need of a strong and independent woman who clearly knows what she is looking for in life. Her husband must be also strong and independent as well. When the time comes to make a decision regarding marriage, we must be confident of our choice. Economic stability is important, but it can’t be all. There should be love and respect between each other, but also they should have independent lives. We must not base our judgment on appearances, because after all, youth and beauty are fleeting. Maturity is also very important, because of experiences both people have had, will help them to confront any problems together and will lead to a successful marriage, I am sure that not all young couples marriages will fail, but there face a higher risk.


Marriage is a commitment of love, loyalty, and trust between two people who plan on being together for a lifetime.

I. - Women feelings

a. Women are focusing in different goals.

b. Real expectations of a woman.

II. � Women environment

a. Society puts pressure on women to get married.

b. Women are expected to want and have children.

III. - Women experiences

a. � Their values and goals change.

b. . They did not have enough life experiences.


Love is very important in order to achieve a good married but there are also some other things to consider. Such as independency, respect and maturity.

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