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People with anorexia nervosa starve themselves by eating too little food. Eventually they become thin, but still see themselves as overweight. People with this eating disorder become so undernourished they have to be hospitalized. Even they often deny that there is anything wrong with them. Anorexia usually begins around the time of puberty. Studies have shown that the majority of people that suffer from anorexia are females, but the number of men who have this disorder is on the rise. Anorexia is when a person eats so little their weight drops at least 15% below normal body weight. Often anorexia is linked to another eating disorder, bulimia, which is when a person goes on eating binges and then forces themselves to vomit up the food they have eaten. A person with anorexia becomes obsessed about food and weight. Some people develop strange eating rituals and may refuse to eat in front of other people. Many people with anorexia seem to care lot about food. They may collect cookbooks and prepare meals for friends and family, but they do not join in. Usually their refusal to eat is paired with strict exercise. No one knows why a person becomes anorexic. It is a psychological problem that has physical effects, including death. People with anorexia come to believe that their lives would be better if they were thinner. These people tend to be perfectionist. The typical anorexic person is a good student involved in school and community activities. Some experts think that anorexia is part of an unconscious attempt to come to terms with unresolved conflicts or painful childhood experiences. Anorexia has many sides’ effects that may include significant weight loss, fear of becoming fat, excessive dieting and exercise, obsessively counting all calories and studying cookbooks, constipation, menstrual periods stopping, and mood swings. Physical problems can include heart palpitations, bone and tooth decay, and anemia. There are many signs to look for if you suspect a person has anorexia self-starvation and weight loss, sensitivity to cold, loss of hair on head, complaining of being overweight when there is no weight problem, or new or greater hair growth on the body and face. Treatments for anorexia must take into account both psychological and physical problems. The treatment team should include a mental health professional and a primary care physician. Successful treatment includes continuous medical care, regular therapy, nutritional counseling, and sometimes medications. Doctors also pay close attention to bone loss and heart function. Psychologists help a patient to let go of self-destructive thoughts and behaviors and develop a more positive outlook on life. Support groups with other recovering anorexics, when properly moderated by a mental health professional, can also be helpful. With all the above facts, I think the problem lies in the way that society views people. Children these days are bombarded with images such as the Victoria secrets models to teen pop queen Brittney Spears. I do not think that showing pictures of Britney with her bare stomach and perfect measurements help the preteen and teenage population. It is perceived as being the goal to be reached, to be a perfect 10 so to speak. I was watching a new show on the WB called “America’s Next Top Model” and was surprised and appalled when a woman that was a size 10 was addressed as being a plus sized model. They said that anything above a size 4 was considered plus size. Well I am sorry but more than half of the population is a so called “plus size”. In my opinion, the reason that eating disorders are on the rise is because of such thinking. If I had the power to change the culture in any way, I think I would include people of all sizes on the cover of mainstream magazines such as Marie Claire and Vogue. There would be a more mainstream approach to so-called superstardom. Plus size would be what it was intended to be 14 and up. I would also like to see plus size models in catalogs such as Victoria Secrets or Fredrick’s of Hollywood. They have plus size outfits why not advertise them. I think if being plus sized were shown in a positive light, maybe people would not view it as a bad thing.

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