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Causes for the success of fast food

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The fast food industry in America is one of the most successful industries to date. Americans spend huge amounts of money at fast food restaurants every year. There are no doubt many reasons for this. Most reasons probably come from the attitude of a particular family, but some reasons apply to everyone. There are three main reasons for the success of the fast food industry.

One reason for the success of fast food is the advertisement. A person cannot drive around a town without seeing countless billboards for McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Jack in the Box, or whatever other restaurants may be in the area. Even if a person is not consciously seeking food, the subliminal effects of constantly driving by the billboards and restaurants themselves could have an effect on a persons appetite. There are many ads on television, showing glorified versions of a restaurants star sandwich. Many stores advertise special deal menus on which nothing costs more than a dollar.

Another reason is variety. There is a lot of variety among fast food restaurants. In fact, restaurants have to expand their menus to keep up with the competition. If Jack in the Box has tacos, McDonalds is going to have tacos. If Wendys has salads, Burger King makes sure it has salads. While these restaurants attempt to be diverse in their menus, other restaurants, such as Subway, specialized to delicatessen type sandwiches. Panda Express has Chinese food ready to order. There are plenty of different types of food to choose from, not just the average hamburger and fries.

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A third factor is convenience. There are different types of families. In some familles, both parents work. In others, there may be only one parent, possibly working multiple jobs. Other families may have no shortage of parents, but a shortage of cooking ability. All of these types of families may see the convenience of driving up to a window and buying ready to eat food as something almost vital to survival. The working families of America have served in part to make the fast food industry what is it today.

The fast food industry is a phenomena that does not show any signs of stopping or even slowing down. The American people have built the industry into the thriving behemoth it is.

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