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childhood memory

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“Childhood Memory”

Growing up around smokers has always been my case. My dad was a really heavy smoker, and for him to have only smoked 11/ packs and for a real heavy day it could be up to packs a day.

As I started to get older, I thought if I smoked then I would be cool, just like my dad. It was then that I started sinking one here and there, and this went on in till the day we got a phone call from my dad saying that he was having a heart attack and that he was on his way to the hospital. My mother, brother’s, and myself all jumped in the car and went just a fast a we could to the hospital, when we got their, they had already had my dad in the back. We waited for ever it felt like, to here if he was okay or not.

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When the doctor came out to tell us the news, he said that they had him stable, but that they had to take him straight into open-heart surgery. It was then another several hours later before the doctor would talk to us again on the progress of dad’s surgery. This was one of the longest days that I’ve had to experience in my lifetime. When Dr. Williams, came out to talk to us, he said that dad came through surgery fine, and that he was going to be okay and that they were getting set up in ICU, and that we could see him a few minutes. When I walked into that room with him lying there with all of those machines hooked up to him, and his face the size of a basketball, I could only think why?

It was maybe, 45 min later, that Dr. Williams came in to talk to us about what all the of the surgery consist of. Dr. Williams started of with, that a lot of what caused dad’s attack was from him smoking. I new right then that I was never going to touch another Cigarette again.

My dad had his first heart attack when he was years old. He is now turning 5 this October, and has been through, Open Heart surgeries’, Stint surgeries. My dad’s life is in jeopardy everyday now, all because of cigarettes. He is now retired from his job, due to his health not allowing him to work. This has been a life experience that I have never forgotten, and cigarettes are not as cool as I first thought they were.

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