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Consumer Report

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There is a new breed of camcorders on the horizon, and it does more than just shoot film. The capabilities of this new camcorder are unique, and this is the only camcorder on the market with them. I learned about this product first hand, because my Uncle Joel let me set his camera up. This camcorder was released in the United States in February 001, and runs about $000. This camera is made by Sony, and is a Mini Network Handy Cam DV Camcorder. Assembling this product was quite simple, even a novice to electronics would be able to do this task.

On the exterior this product seems just like any other camcorder, except for its handheld size. This is one of the smallest cameras in the industry, and has some special features that separate it from the rest. The Sony Digital Handy Cam is one of a new generation of digital camcorders that employ a revolutionary recording format called MICROMV. The DCR-IP7 is also Sonys first camcorder to implement Bluetooth technology to enhance its network functionality via mobile phones. Bluetooth is an industry that makes life easier by having cordless connection and data transfer. Within a range of 10m, Bluetooth components can automatically detect and communicate with each other. So this gives people the ability to integrate their camcorder and PC to create their personal image capture, edit and archive networks. MICROMV sets new standards in compact size, user friendliness, and advanced, PC-friendly features.

With the new technology in camcorders you’re able to send a picture or movie clip you’ve taken of your wife on vacation straight to the Internet, and have it waiting for you at home. With the camera you are also able to send photo albums and surf the web, and store up to 0 bookmarks. The preserving of memories and historical events done by camcorders is similar to the preserving of technology by monks in Canticle for Leibowitz. Tapes are becoming obsolete in the camcorder industry, and memory cards are paving the way. This modern camera uses a MICROMV; basically this is a small memory stick that holds up to an hour of film.

Some of the features this product offers are basic, with the exception of Super Steady Shot and Progressive Shutter System. The Super Steady Shot enables you to record pictures and video without the user’s unsteady hands losing focus on what’s important. The Progressive Shutter System provides high-quality image capture in any conditions. The basic dimensions of this product are 47 x 10 x 80 mm (1. x 4.1 x .1 in), which is rather small for a camcorder with this many capabilities.

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In conclusion, never have I used a camcorder with this many capabilities and at such a reasonable price. The Sony Network Handy Cam stands alone in its class. No other camcorder can compare to it when it comes to its abilities over the Internet. This camcorder has shown me the future of personal camcorders. I would recommend this multi-use camera to anyone who is on the run and enjoys taking footage.

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