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"Animal Farm" by George Orwell- Review

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Animal Farm by George Orwell


This novella is set in England in a common rural farm area. It is a classified as a fantasy, because the animals are personified and appear to have the same average intelligence as humans. The story begins with the animals of Manor Farm stage a revolution against the farmer in control, Mr. Jones. This idea is put forward by the most senior and respected pig on the farm, called Major, as a vision for the future. The leadership of the farm in then voted to the pigs, which are agreed to be the most intelligent animals on the farm. The most outspoken pigs, Snowball and Napoleon take charge of the farm and are joint leaders, in a democratically run system. As the story progresses, Snowball is run off the farm by Napoleon and branded as a traitor and a hindrance to the animal’s freedom and prosperity. He is said to be in league with the hated Mr. Jones. The democratic government breaks down, and a new order, not unlike communism, is brought in, with Napoleon as the sole leader. The rules agreed, and set by all the animals at the beginning of the newly renamed Animal Farm are changed to suit the pigs’ needs, regardless of the other animal’s work for them. This is done without their understanding. The novella ends with the pigs being unrecognizable and morphing into humans.

‘Animal Farm’ shows how communism works in theory as a fair and just system. . It, however, fails to take in the greed and selfishness seemingly built into every human being. In ‘Animal Farm’ this is shown as Snowball’s chalk drawing of the windmill, the animal’s highest goal. The blueprint looks impressive and is said to be a fine piece of architectural work, although few of the animals understand what the plans mean. Communism cannot work unless the leader appointed is inhuman in his ability to put others before himself. This is reflected in George Orwell’s novella as the animals start out with good intentions, but in the end fail to set up their own fair system. This is a mistake made everyday in human society also. The fact that the pigs used deception, violence and the other animal’s ignorance to their advantage is another trademark of a communist regime.

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Although the animals seem to have human intelligence, only one has a pessimistic attitude. This is Benjamin the donkey, and he is the only one who foresees what will happen to the farm if they try to take over. This sets a dismal tone to the book, seemingly suggesting that the only attitude that is a true reflection of today’s society is a pessimistic one. This might have been true of the time the book was written, although the world has changed a lot since the time of the Second World War, humans continually make mistakes in regard to government.

This book is a true reflection of the dangers of communism. It shows that the victims of this regime are often the most innocent and hardworking, as in the case of Boxer. It also suggests that good intentions are not a cure for selfishness and greed. ‘Animal Farm’ was written by a man who originally believed in the concept of communism, but then learned that no matter how hard you try, you cannot overcome man’s selfishness. Although the animals fail to make a fair and just communistic government, George Orwell unmistakably wanted to show that the story was a reflection of mankind’s own failures. This is clearly shown in the ending when the tyrannical pigs are indistinguishable from humans.

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