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High Performance Team

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High Performance Team

Teams and teamwork represent very powerful mechanisms for getting results and achieving significant change. A critical element in the establishment of our Learning Team to become a high- performance team was the development and acceptance of our team charter. The team charter defined the task, scope and boundaries in which the team will operate. In one sense the charter is the teams license to operate.

There are a number of characteristics and behaviors that our Learning Team need to improve in order to become a more effective high performance team shared vision, communication, and time oriented. Since developing and inspiring a vision is an essential first step to become a high performance team, each of our team members need to share and support a common vision that the team is working towards. Every team member needs to realize that he/she has a unique insight or contribution it can make towards a team project. It is the responsibility of each and every member of our team to search out and discover the capabilities of all the other team members. This insight is just an idea, concept, or future state that the team might find personally appealing and exciting.

Communication is another important element that our Learning Team needs to focus on to improve its performance. Our team members need to make an extra-ordinary effort to understand group assignments and progress towards its completion. An old military saying is that there are always 10 percent of the people who do not get the word. Our Learning Team needs to recognize this phenomenon and use all communication vehicles available to make certain all team members are in alignment. Each team member need to recognize that they have an equally strong obligation to keep themselves informed.

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Our Learning Team operates under specific deadlines for achieving results. Consequently, the focus shifts from what is to be done to endless discussions about what the real mission of the team is or to finding the best approach to complete group assignment. Setting realistic time limits is yet another challenge our team needs to overcome to be a more valuable high-performance team. The work of our team should be beyond the teams zone of comfort to accomplish assignments in the time allowed. When a team operates outside its comfort zone, it is most likely to perform better and consequently bond better and become stronger when it does achieve results.

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