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Internet an Effective Tool

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Internet an Effective Tool

Eighty-six percent of college students use the Internet, compared to fifty-nine percent of the overall U.S. population and the students say the Internet is essential to their academic and social lives. Chicago, Sept. 15 [Ascribe Newswire] There are many good reasons why eighty-six percent of college students use the Internet and they range from researching information for their reports to instant messaging their families from across the country. Times are changing this country is in the twenty-first century now and it have become a technology driven country. As America continues to explore the use of the Internet among college students America realizes there are countless benefits of using it and that it is a very important and effective tool for education.

“But technology in the classroom has not been the revolutionary tool everyone would like it to be for one reason Money.” says Henry Jacek, president of the Ontario Confederation of the University Faculty Association. Universities will need personnel to devote their time to creating and maintaining these websites and teachers to educate these students on how to use them correctly. (Computing Canada) This is a small price to pay


for all the benefits students get from using the Internet. Students that attend colleges with large classrooms find the Internet very helpful. Many of the students don’t get a lot of one on one interaction with their instructors. They use the Internet to e-mail their teachers questions that they didn’t get a chance to ask in class or simply were to shy to do so otherwise. In fact fifty-six percent think e-mail has enhanced their relationship with their professors. [Ascribe Newswire] Even the teachers find the use of the Internet to their advantage. The web enables them more time to concentrate on lecturing and interaction with students. (Henry Jacek)

The Internet is an information highway. If a student can’t find information for what they’re looking for in their books, they can turn to the Internet. Seventy-three percent use the internet more than the library for research.[Ascribe Newswire] For example if a student is doing a report on gun control all they would have to do is go to any search engine and type in “gun control” and in the blink of an eye they will have enough information to complete their report. Students are always pressed for time. They might not be able to make it to the library to check out the book they need, so instead they can just hop online real quick to see if the certain book their looking for is in the colleges library before they waste their time if it’s checked out. To make life a little easier they can register for classes online, check their grades, and so on. Colleges have a wide range of students who live just a block away from college and some who live miles away. Instead of arranging to meet somewhere students can use the instant messenger


service to ask each other questions, plan term projects, and plan virtual study groups while off campus. Besides getting all the information they need, the Internet also helps students create relationships with one another. Sixty percent think the Internet has improved their relationships with their classmates. [Ascribe Newswire]

Besides school work students use the Internet for personal use as well. Many students move away from home leaving their family and friends behind and most students don’t have a lot of money while in college. This can be a difficult experience for some students at the beginning and many may get homesick. By using e-mail and instant messenger students are able to keep in contact with their loved ones with out spending a fortune on long distance bills. They can also save money and time on shipping costs such as stamps by forwarding pictures, letters, and grades by e-mail. Students also use the Internet for fun. They browse website for things that are important to them besides schoolwork. For example they find out when their favorite band is coming to town and purchasing tickets to the concert while downloading their favorite songs. Overall the Internet can help them maintain a productive personal life while away from home.

Having experience using the internet for research, e-mail, social and work related communications, and their constant use of instant messaging, chat, and web boards mean these students are skilled in the use of electronic communications. (Internet Generation) These students will already have the skills that it will take to enter the work force. Steve Jones, senior research fellow (The Pew Internet and American Life Project)

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says, “these students will be technologically savvy job candidates.” Which means business owners can spend less time and money training under qualified candidates. These new employees may bring in fresh new ideas to the work place. Many of these students will be prepared to leave college and start their own businesses and many will succeed which in return will benefit everyone by helping the economy.

All colleges should include Internet in their teachings. Using the Internet helps students academically, socially, and financially. As the world continues to grow so does the use of the Internet. Preparing students to use the Internet now prepares America for the future.

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