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The focus text Macbeth by Shakespeare and the related text, Scarface by Brian De Palma are the texts I would recommend to the Board of Studies for senior students studying the concept of power. Power can be defined in many ways; it basically means to have control over others. This can be seen in both Macbeth and Scarface when they use their physical power an individual power to have control over others. Power is also portrayed in Macbeth with personal relationships.

Macbeth portrays his physical power in many ways throughout the play. At the start of the play he is talked about very highly because of his great physical power that he has shown during the war where he was like a fearless warrior on the battle field, the Sergent says “Brave Macbeth- well he deserves that name,” (act 1 scene 7 line 16) Macbeth then uses violence to further his quest for absolute power. He first uses violence when he kills King Duncan in order to become King. This is similar in Scarface when Tony Montana kills his Boss Frank Lopez to become boss of his empire just like Macbeth killed King Duncan to become King, they both wanted absolute power and in order to get this they felt that physical power was necessary. Although to get them both to the top where they had absolute power, in the end they both died due to being too caught up in absolute power and being corrupt. Just like Lord Ucton said “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Macbeth’s physical power is also displayed when he thinks that his position at the throne is in jeopardy by Banquo, Fleance and Macduff. He uses violent means to maintain his power as King. We see that both texts use power in a negative way- not to improve society or others but for their own purposes. However we see that in the long run both Macbeth and Tony Montana pay the ultimate sacrifice as they both lose their lives in the pursuit of power.

Macbeth shows great Individual power which is expressed through his ambition. The definition of ambition is “the actions used to achieve a goal.” Marcus Aurellius wrote in the book of meditations “in the midst of it all, you must take your stand, good temporarily and without disdain, yet always aware that a mans worth is no greater than the worth of his ambition.” In the case of Macbeth we are faced with a man whose ambitions change for the worse and his fate is left regretful. This is similar also in Scarface as Tony Montana had a great amount of ambition which was at first good but in the end it was the downfall of both Macbeth and Tony Montana as their vaulting ambition for the absolute power lead to their death. Macbeth has betrayed his loyal master to obtain the status that he feels he deserves so much, and his ambitions became his fate. Macbeth starts the play as a hard fighting, loyal soldier but through allowing his ambitions to suppress his good qualities he becomes “this tyrant,”(act 5 scene ) and this “hellhound.”(Act 5 scene 6) Ambition is Macbeth’s

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