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Regular or Web-Assited Classes?

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Regular or Web-Assisted classes?

I took web-assisted classes this semester, and it is my first time to learn on the web. I would like to talk about the differences between the regular classes and the web-assisted classes. No matter what you choose to take, they both have deadlines and they require work. However one can be very flexible and you have more time to meet the deadline. The other could have more homework for you and the benefit of the teacher’s presence, also time consuming, now which one is which?

I would like to talk about how the deadlines could be different from one another. If you are in regular class you usually meet twice a week if not three times a week and for the web assisted classes you meet once a week or once a month. Usually the assignments for regular classes are due the next time you meet in class and for the web assisted classes the assignments are due at end of each week.

Which class would be convenient to take? It depends on how much time you are willing to spend on studying and how much time you have to go to school. For me I thought that web-assisted classes were better, because I have three little children and I was working full time. I didn’t realize how much homework it had, especially if you have more than one web-assisted class at the same time. The regular classes don’t seem to have a lot of work because you meet more than once a week. The web-assisted classes will seem like a lot of work if you wait till the last minute to do it.

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I like to think that web-assisted classes are more flexible than the regular classes; you are your own boss basically if you have web-assisted classes. You set your own time for the assignments, you choose which one you want to do first, and you have one week to do it. In regular classes the time limit is a lot shorter about two days and you are not given the choice of homework you want to do first.

Regular classes are more hands on training than the web-assisted. What I mean by that is the teacher is your guide in regular classes and what ever questions you might have they are right there to answer them for you. In web-assisted classes you also have the teacher as your guide, but in an e-mail or the telephone. I would say if you are more like an auditory learner, then in that case the regular class is best for you. However it would not hurt if you took one web-assisted class as well, just to feel the difference and perhaps the similarities.

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