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JOSEF STALIN Born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili to a modest home in Gori, Georgia, Joseph Stalin excelled as school, and went on to Orthodox Christian Studies, during which he would read illegal Karl Marx literature. In 18 he quit his religious studies and joined a revolutionary movement against the Russian monarchy. In 10 he joined the Vladimir Lenin’s militant Bolshevik (Communist) faction after a split from the Social Democratic Labour Party. To him the Communists were “Russians and real men.” During the 105 revolution, he organised terrorist attacks on police, and played a key role in planning crimes to help create an income for the Communist party. In 108 he was arrested and exiled for his illegal underground activities as a loyal follower of Lenin. He escaped, and more arrests and exiles followed, including being exiled to Siberia in 11 for revolutionary activities, such as his essay “Marxism and the National Question”. Soon after this he changed his name to Stalin, meaning “Man of Steel”. Stalin was released from exile with the overthrow of the Russian monarchy, and during the 117 revolution, he edited the Communist newspaper and had a minor part in helping to pick the Red Guards. After being put in charge of dealing with the minority groups in Russia, in 1 he was chosen as the General Secretary of the Communist Party. It was a modest profession, which Stalin managed to make powerful by 10. Stalin gained power by taking numerous jobs that no one wanted, and had become rude and aggressive, which seemed to lead to conflict with Lenin, who before his death wrote about his misgivings for Stalin, and a strong recommendation that he be removed from his position. When Lenin died in 14, Stalin led the mourning, unaware of Lenin’s remarks. It is said that Stalin double-crossed his enemies, giving Trotsky, his political rival, the wrong funeral date, ensuring Trotsky couldn’t attend. Stalin launched crafty political manoeuvring, enabling him to suppress Lenin’s statement from the general public. Stalin formed a coalition with Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinovyev, excluding Trotsky. Trotsky disapproved of Stalin over his wrong decision making during the Polish war in 10-1, when Stalin was a member of the Communist party decision �making body, the Politburo. In 14 Trotsky and Stalin had a political fight over Trotsky’s theory of ‘Permanent Revolution’. Trotsky wanted to spread communism, and Stalin wanted to focus on the USSR. Stalin eventually drove out Trotsky, by holding votes and public meetings, and joining the Rightists, Bukharin, Rykov, and Tomsky. In 18 Trotsky was deported to Soviet Central Asia, and in 1 was exiled from the USSR. With Trotsky, Stalin turned against the Rightists, and opposed their policies, pushing for his own idea of expanded industry. The Rightists argued against him, but the Politburo supported Stalin, and at the start of 1 the Rightists resigned. Stalin had become the Supreme Leader. ¤

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