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University of Illinois researchers have fabricated tiny, three-dimensional fluidic networks that promise to reduce the size of biochips.

The researchers printed layers of organic material onto a moving platform to form a three-dimensional scaffold. They filled the scaffolding with epoxy that solidified at room temperature, then heated the structure to 50 degrees Celsius to melt and remove the scaffolding. The resulting channels were as small as 10 microns in diameter�about twice the size of a red blood cell.

The researchers built a structure that mixed tiny amounts of fluids. In very small amounts fluids are viscous and dont readily mix.

The researchers made a series of twists and turns by filling a network of channels with a photocurable resin and shining light to solidify the resin at certain points. The prototype mixed fluids by forcing them through the turns, which formed a square, spiral tower.

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The method could eventually produce networks containing hundreds of layers and interconnections, leading to more compact microfluidic devices like biomedical implants and sensors, according to the researchers.

The method could be used in commercial applications in five to ten years, according to the researchers. The work appeared in the March , 00 issue of Nature Materials.

Researchers working on chips that mix small amounts of liquids have more of a challenge than at first meets the eye. At the very small scale, blending liquids is more like kneeding dough than mixing cream into coffee.

Researchers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology have shown that it is possible to mix small amounts of liquids more quickly by pulsing the flow rates of the liquids through the channels in such a way that the pulse rates of the two liquids are out of phase.

The researchers demonstrated the method using a T channel intersection whose segments were 00 microns wide by 10 microns deep, or about twice the circumference of a human hair.

The out-of-phase pulsing caused the interface between the two liquids to stretch, fold and sweep through the liquids, causing them to mix after traveling about two millimeters down the channel, which took about one second.

The mixing method is appropriate for any lab-on-a-chip that uses mechanical pumps to control fluid flow, and could be used in practical devices within a few years, according to the researchers. The work appeared in the May 1, 00 issue of Lab on a Chip.

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