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what the hell

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Whta the hell do you want? Bloody shit! NURSE



Talkative Talks at great length about simple, basic things in life and rarely gets to the point of what she has to say Refer to incident in Act Sc5 where Nurse is amusing and irritating. Bad mood from long walk and full of self pity. Offended by Juliet’s indifference for her condition. Because of habit of a life-time, she talks at length about inconsequential things. Her final speech, however, shows that she is quite capable of speaking succinctly and directly.

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Bawdy sense of humour- uneducated and yet has a way with words The joke from her late husband about Juliet learning how to fall backwards “Thou wilt fall backward when thou has more wit, wilt thou not, Jule?’

Caring- shows a genuine concern for Juliet and nostalgic yearning for the past and recalls with joy numerous incidents from Juliet’s childhood. • She has Juliet’s best interest at heart. Acts as go-between and arranges marriage

• Cannot understand juliet’s love for Romeo, after he has killed Tybalt, but arranges for couple to meet on the wedding night

• Defends Juliet against Capulet

‘…god in heaven bless her!

You are to blame my Lord, to rate her so.’

Superficial attitude towards love • Cannot understand the depth of Juliet’s feelings and is astonished to hear juliet defending Romeo when she over-reacts and criticizes all men

‘There’s no trust,

No faith, no honesty in all men; all perjured,

All forsworn, all nought, all dissemblers….

Shame come to Romeo!’

‘Will you speak well of him that killed your cousin?’

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