Thursday, December 22, 2011

wings of daedalus

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deadalus and his son, icarus, were imprisoned by minos on an island. daedalus despaired but thought of a plan. he reasonne,minos may command the land and sea, but ill command the air. i shall build wings for ourselves. with this, he set about making two pairs of wings from soft feathers and wax. trembling with excitement, he fixed the finished wings onto himself and his son, do not fly too low as the spray from the sea will wet your wings. do not fly too high as the sun will melt the wax. but icarus forgot his father advice and flew too near the sun. he fell and was carried away by the waves. when daedalus realized the tragic fate of his son, he was full of grief. a helicopter can fly straight up, forward, backwards, sideways or even hover above the ground. a helicopter cannot fly as fast as an aeroplane but there are some funtions that a helicopter it is amaller and needs only a small take-off or landing aeropalne is bigger and can carry more passengers as well as cargo. it can fly faster than a helicopter because its engine is more powerful. the aeroplane needs a long runway to land unlike the helicopter.the sun does arise, and make happy the skies, the merry bells ring, to welcome the spring, the skylark and thrush, the birds of the bush, sing louder around, to the bells cheerful sound, while our sports shall be seen on the echoing green. old john with white hair does laugh away care. sitting under the oak.they laugh at our paly and soon they all say, SUCH, SUCH WERE THE JOYS WHEN WE ALL, GIRLS AND BOYS, IN OUR YOUTH-TIME WERE SEEN ON THE ECHOING GREEN

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