Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Reflection Paper

This past month in careers we have been discussing several issues about life and different types of jobs we would like to do when we finish high school. We have also been doing some activities that helps us learn more about ourselves. I enjoyed this class because it helped me learn a little more about myself that I didn’t already know. I think the easiest thing I learned about myself was that I am a people person. I already knew that because I like being around people and meeting new friends. That’s probably hard to believe because I was really quiet but I didn’t really know anybody and they are all older so it was kind of hard because I was scared that they wouldn’t like me because I am younger and stuff so that is basically why I didn’t talk that much to people in the class. But what I learned about myself that surprised I don’t think there is really anything that did surprise me because I know what I like I know what I can do and I know how I react to things so there wasn’t really anything new I learned about myself. My cousin Candice is my profound influencer on my plan because she is taking a course right now on Youth and Child care and she said it is really interesting and it feels good to be able to help people with their problems and also I want to be able to help people out with problem the best I can. I think this career is the best one for me because I like helping people and I like being around kids. The high five messages that are most important to would have to be set your mind to something and you will be able to achieve many things in life. I think that is one high five messages that is important to me because this shows that if I really want to do something in life I will have to try really hard to accomplish my goal. This career is something I would put all my effort into doing because I enjoy taking care of people and I enjoy being able to help them out. That is why this is my High Five important message. The in school activities that will help me pursue for my plan are passing all my courses and make good grades also getting involved with school activities I think that will help me get ready to pursue for my career plan. Outside school activities that will help me pursue for my plan are babysitting to get use to taking care of kids and learn how they act also getting involved with camps because that would also help me to get use to being around kids. Mostly everything that I have said in this paper should tell you why I have chosen child and youth worker. I think I would be a good person for this job because I like to helping people and I enjoy being around people.

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