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Affirmative Action Report

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I am doing my research project on affirmative action. Affirmative action is a program that promotes increased opportunities for minorities and women in order to make up for past discrimination. In this report you will find out a lot of information on affirmative action. It will also give you the knowledge about today and affirmative action.

Affirmative action was important because without it we would still have discrimination. Discrimination is unjust behavior to others based on differences in age, race, gender, etc. Affirmative action was used to increase opportunities for minorities. Affirmative action helps in hiring, promotion, college admissions, and awarding government contracts. In 164, the Civil Rights Act was prohibited discrimination in public accommodations. It was the first modern legislation to address these barriers.

President John F. Kennedy originated affirmative action in 161. He wanted to encourage contractors on projects financed with federal funds. In the 160s, legal barriers prevented black and other minorities from entering many jobs and educational institutions. In his very own words, he said, “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and employees are treated during their employment, without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin.” In his statement you can take it that President Kennedy was totally against discrimination, he wanted everyone to be treated equally.

Affirmative action had been controversial in the United States in the 160s. Controversial is something that causes a lot of arguments. Critics say that affirmative action affected opportunities to hiring, getting promotions, college admissions, and government contracts. Affirmative action made it where we don’t have to get judged by race, creed, color, gender, ethnicity, and, economic status. It made blacks have an equal opportunity to share jobs, education, and other benefits.

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In the 10s, politicians began to attack affirmative action with state level for success. The University of California system voted to end all affirmative action in hiring, admissions, and minority enrollment. The year of 18, Washington State voters passed an Initiative 00 that banned affirmative action in local government hiring, contracting, and education.

Today, affirmative action is still going on the United States. We still have discrimination going on. Today, we only have 50% of the colleges with minorities. There are 85% of the schools that are still in poverty. During school, while listening to radio regarding an affirmative action hearing, a white girl had stated that she lived around people she did not like. She was referring to the African-Americans that lived in the neighborhood. That is discrimination right there! So the impact has changed, and still has a long way to go.

I chose to do my report on affirmative action because I wanted to know more about it. Affirmative action is acting right now. So affirmative action is a current event. I also think that affirmative action is great because it increase opportunities for minorities. So, it gives us kids a better chance to get an education, get into schools or colleges, and they won’t prevent us from doing something. Several lawsuits were filed against University of Michigan and University of Washington School of Law in 17 for using affirmative action policies in admission standards. I think that this is crazy. There seem to several cases cited all the way through to the year 001 dealing with affirmative action. I think it is not right for people to discriminate against one getting into a school. It’s very sad that people have to be against one another instead of living in a world of peace and love. Just think about it, it would probably take less work to love someone, than to take action against them because you don’t want to see them get ahead.

I learned that affirmative originated by President John F. Kennedy. I also learned that affirmative action in the United States is controversial. I never knew 50% of the colleges have minorities and 85% of the schools still have poverty. I am also still going on. I think that whites don’t see this could happen to them if this gets turned around. The whites would feel the same way we are feeling right now. They would probably be mad if it were the best school in the world they wanted to get into but you had to be in a certain race or class to get accepted. They would be mad because they knew they were smart enough to get in but couldn’t. Rulings have upheld the right of schools to consider a variety of factors when picking applicants, including race, ethnicity, gender, and economic status.

On a whole, I think that affirmative action has come a ways, but still has a ways to go. All people are not treated fairly. Unfortunately, you find it still existing because of how children are being raised. Everyone has to realize that some people are taught that they are better than others and very much the superior, so therefore everything should be made available to them. I believe that some discrimination will always exist in this society, but as a people we must keep on pushing forward.

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