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In this lab, the goals are understand basic lab procedure, understand the concept of precision, accuracy and errors in measurements, and understand that different types of volumetric glassware are used in different types of situations. Precision is a term used to describe the degree to which measurements agree with each other, accuracy is a term that describes the degree to which measurements agree with the true value. Precision and accuracy can both be affected by errors that occur due to imperfections of various lab equipment such as analytical balances and volumetric glassware. Errors can either be random or determinate. Random errors are irreproducible and determinate errors effect measurements the same way for each measurement.

The objectives of the lab are to determine the standard deviation of two different analytical balances, and to determine out of the buret, pipet and graduated cylinder which one is the most accurate. In order to determine which volumetric glassware is the most accurate a series of measurements using an analytical balance will be analyzed. The purpose for the objectives are to get a better understanding of which type of volumetric glassware should be used in various situations to get the most desirable results.

My hypothesis is that the standard deviation of the two analytical balances will differ but not by much, and the most accurate volumetric glassware will be the buret. It is obvious that the two analytical balances will give different measurements because they are man-made and therefore suspect to human error. The standard deviation will differ slightly between the two balances because they were manufactured and calibrated in the same fashion. It is also obvious that the buret will produce more accurate results than the pipet and graduated cylinder because it is easier to control.

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The experiment was conducted in Dabney Hall, Room 844 at North Carolina State University, on August 8th, 00. Materials were collected which consisted of one 5mL pipet, tongs, 5 mL Buret, thermometer, three 50 mL beakers and one 10mL graduated cylinder. Each 50 mL beaker was labeled, “G”, “P” and “B” respectively, and cleaned thoroughly. The beaker labeled “G” was weighed five times on analytical balance # to the nearest ten-thousandth; all of the measurements were recorded in a table. The same beaker (beaker “G”) was weighed five more times on analytical balance # to the nearest ten-thousandth, all of the measurements were recorded in a table. In order not to affect the weight of the beaker, thongs were used to handle the beaker at all times. A graduated cylinder was used to measure out 5 mL of ionized water, which was added to beaker “G”. Beaker “G”, containing the 5 mL, was weighed again on balance # to the nearest ten-thousandth, and this measurement was recorded. The procedure of adding 5 mL using a graduated cylinder, weighing and recording the measurements to the nearest ten-thousandth was repeated until Beaker “G” contained 5 ml of ionized water. The same procedure was conducted with beaker “P” and “B” except instead of using a graduated cylinder, the method of liquid delivery was a pipet and buret respectively and the beakers were initially measured only once instead of five times on two different balances. Finally, the temperature of the ionized water used during the experiment was recorded.

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