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Critical Evaluation of a Web Site

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Section 1 Critical Evaluation of a Document

1. Currency

If a document is not current, it will be limited in it’s usefulness to the reader. The information needs to be frequently updated in order to keep it current. For example, to combat the SARS virus, the government needs to continually update health bulletins with the latest information on prevention.

. Accuracy

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It can be very confusing if a document is not factual. The document needs to be compared to various sources of the same genre to ensure similarity of information.

. Ownership

An article or web document may be owned by a company. The content of the document will often reflect the bias of that company.

4. Sources

Did the writer get the information from a primary source (witnessed first hand) or was it received from a secondary source (word of mouth or from other documents)? A primary source would be expected to be more accurate.

5. Acknowledgement

Check to see if the writer has had any input from others (documents, articles, people). If so check to see if they have acknowledged their sources.

6. Confirmation

To determine the nature of bias in an article you need to compare it with other articles under the same topic, but from different sources.

Section The Nature of Bias

Bias can be explained as putting across an unfair or one sided opinion, or distorting information between a sender and a receiver. In the dictionary bias is described as a one-sided inclination of the mind. The source of bias is generally coming from the person’s point of view. It can also be related to a person’s culture, religion, political beliefs, and experiences. For example, if a person has experienced a theme park ride, and enjoyed it, they would speak about the good aspects of it. However if a person experienced the same ride and it was not joyful, they would write bad things about it.

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