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Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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Dostoyevsky is considered to be one of the most important figures in world literature. His writings are concerned with human thought, beliefs and behaviour. Both psychologically and historically Dostoyevsky is a very complex figure. It is necessary to distinguish not only between the various periods of his life and the various currents of his mind, but between the different levels of his personality. The deeper, the essential Dostoyevsky is one of the most significant and ominous figures in the whole history of human mind, one of its boldest and most disastrous adventures in the sphere of ultimate spiritual quest. For the profundity, complexity and the significance of his spiritual experience Dostoyevsky has only one possible rival in the whole range of Russian literature � Tolstoy. For Dostoyevsky all relative values are related to absolute values and received their significance, positive or negative, from the way they reflected the higher values.

Even in their most purely spiritual form, his problems are not concerned with an eternal and immutable law, but with the drama that is being played out in human history by the supreme forces of the universe, hence the great complexity, fluidity, and many-sidedness of his thought.

F¸dor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky was born October 0, 181 in Moscow where his father was a doctor at a big public hospital. Very early F¸dor and his elder brother Mikhail, afterwards his associate in journalism, developed a passion for reading, and Dostoyevsky’s cult of Pushkin dates from very early. In 187 F¸dor went to Petersburg, to the Military Engineers’ School. He remained there for four years not very deeply interested in engineering, but much more in literature and reading. In return for his five years at school he was obliged to serve two years in the army. On leaving the service he decided to devote himself to literature. His maiden novel “Poor folk” was a great success. The novel was rapturously reviewed by Belinsky in Nekrasov’s “Petersburg Miscellany”.

His second story “The Double” is a perfect work of art. It is painful, almost intolerable reading. Dostoyevsky dwells with convincing power on the sufferings of the humiliated human dignity of Mr Golyadkin obsessed by the fellow clerk who had usurped his identity.

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“Netochka Nezvanova”, his next work, was planned on a vaster scale than anyone of the preceding novels. It is full of that heavy and over-strung tension familiar to readers of “The Idiot” and “The Brothers Karamazov”. Its completion was interrupted by Dostoyevsky’s arrest and conviction. Dostoyevsky was a member of the socialist circle of Petrashevsky, who gathered to read Fourier, to talk of socialism and to criticise the existing conditions. Dostoyevsky was confined in the Peter-and-Paul’s Fortress for eight months while a court-martial was deciding on the fate of the conspirators. He was sentenced to penal servitude. But instead of simply communicating the sentence to the prisoners, the authorities enacted a wantonly cruel tragicomedy a sentence of death was read out to them, and preparations were made for shooting them. Only when the first batch of prisoners had already been tied to the posts, were real sentences read. All the prisoners naturally took the death sentence quite seriously. One of them went mad. Dostoyevsky never forgot the day.

He returned to Petersburg in 185 and was immediately sucked into the journalistic whirlpool. Together with his brother Mikhail he started his review “Vremya”. By this time “The manor of Stepanchikovo”, “Memoirs from the House of Death”, “The Humiliated and Insulted” appeared. Soon after the review was resumed under a new name (“The Epoch”), Dostoyevsky’s wife and almost simultaneously Mikhail Dostoyevsky both died. Dostoyevsky found himself alone, and the whole family of his brother to provide for. After fifteen months of heroical and hectic labour he gave in. The review was closed. Dostoyevsky was bankrupt. It was in the terrible year 1864 that Dostoyevsky wrote the most unique of all his works “Memoirs from Underground”. To meet his enormous liabilities he sat down to work at his great novels. In 1866 he wrote “Crime and Punishment”. To meet the obligation to the editor to deliver a full-length unpublished novel, he began writing “The Gambler”. It was only owing to the efficient help of Anna G. Snitkin, Dostoyevsky’s personal secretary and then wife, that “The Gambler” was delivered in time. The Dostoyevsky’s difficulties of the late 1860ths were aggravated by a new access of gambling frenzy in 1867. Only gradually, by dint of hard and hurried labour at his novels and with the aid of Anna Grigorievna, he once more stood on his feet and in 1871 could return to Russia on paying all his debts. The Dostoyevskys became to have better luck “The Idiot”, “The Eternal Husband”, “The Possessed” were published.

The high-water mark of his popularity was reached in the year preceding his death, when “The Brothers Karamazov” appeared. The culmination was his famous address on the occasion of the unveiling of the Pushkin memorial in Moscow on June 8, 1880. The address evoked an enthusiasm that had no precedents in Russian literary history. The following winter he fell seriously ill and on January 8, 1881 he died.

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