Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Germaine approach to capital spending

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It has always been assumed by the majority of the world population that free markets would cause a virtual collapse of market balance. One night, our Founding Father Alexander Hamilton was awakened as a result of a horrible nightmare. The residue of it left him with the following idea base the new nations financial structure on the predication of personal equanimity, without allowing the government to interfere. The invisible hand of market upkeep would keep everything and everyone moving cheerily, providing comfortable living conditions for the highest possible number of people.

Early the next morning Hamilton got straight to work. There was a lot that needed to be completed in order for such a revolutionary idea to take hold amongst the masses. Selling the theory to the upper classes throughout the colonies would be easy enough. After all, if they are fully in control of their assets and expanding on them it simply translates into more money in their pockets. The decisive problem would be selling this quite revolutionary notion to the lower classes. Because, obviously, they were stupid. Thats why they were called the lower class. There does exist though a deeper reason why it would be a tough sell to them. This is because they would not be paid as much money in a capitalist - type society as their skills - or lack thereof - were not in such high demand. Hamilton was left in quandry. His first idea was to announce a genocide against all the lower classes on the basis that they were inferior but he did not think that it would go over well.

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