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How the abuse of drugs will affect you?

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How often do you see young teenagers, especially Asian and American teenagers abusing drugs? I bet if you really pay attention and observe more carefully, you will notice that it is a common phenomenon nowadays. It¡¦s a common sense that taking drugs like MDMA, Methamphetamine, Hallucinogen mushrooms, and GHB improperly will harm our healthy bodies, however, why are there still so many teenagers abusing these kinds of drugs? Teenagers abuse drugs to feel good, relieve stress, or maybe because it¡¦s all around them. One of the most obvious reasons teenagers take drugs in clubs is because the effects of those drugs in the user are extremely conducive to the environment of the club scene. However, once you keep taking drugs and get addicted, they will cause different side effects which are all extremely damaging. Long term effects include brain damage and neuron damage. Short term effects include depression, sleep problems, anxiety and so on. Moreover, different kinds of drugs have different side effects.

Drugs do not discriminate. They will kill anyone who becomes addicted to them. Abuse of drugs leads to many short term and long term complications. Some of the short terms effects are depression, sleep problems, anxiety, muscle tension, soreness of jaw and so on. You will always feel sad and think nobody cares for you. Besides, you can¡¦t fall asleep easily which affects your concentration in working or studying. On the other hand, you may not only feel anxiety and worry all the time, but also have a feeling of paranoia. Also, you will always get tired.

On the other hand, drug abuse can cause a long term effect including brain damage and neuron damage. Studies have shown that people exposed to ecstasy drugs for more than five days suffered from brain damage that was still evident years later. Besides, Neuron damage can develop creating problems similar to that of Parkinsons disease including involuntary shaking and possible paralysis. Apart from brain and neuron damage, It also damages the body by raising the body temperature which can cause muscle breakdown, heart and kidney failure.

Obviously, taking different kinds of drugs will not have the similar effects. MDMA comes a strong psychological effect. This effect will lead the user to ingest more and more of MDMA. Therefore the physical addiction starts in the mind. The more and more the use escalates due to reasons of the mind, the more and more the body will become physically addicted to it. This addiction inevitably ends in death. Besides, Methamphetamine can cause the heart rate to rise and creates the feeling as if the person is on top of the world. The feelings that the user experiences during the use of it causes them to go back for more. The after effects are that people will constantly organize and clean their living space, and some go to the extreme of cleaning their bodies with such rigor that it creates sores all over their skin. They begin to pick at their face and it bleeds. It¡¦s so horrible. Moreover, GHB has one of the most dangerous side effects called instant death. This means that depending on the chemical makeup of the individual¡¦s body it can react in such a way that it can instantly kill the person.

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In conclusion, abuse of drugs will have negative effects to your body. No matter it is short term or long term effects, you will be killed as a result. Fortunately, there are some Recovery centers provided various kinds of treatment for drugs abuse. If you have tried and found you cannot stop using those ecstasy drugs on your own, those Recovery Centers will be a good place for you. Once you are addicted, please do not hesitate to find them. A new life is waiting for you!

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