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to him. When people do not give him a chance, it lowers his self-esteem. Little things, such as winning a soccer game against rich kids, make him feel better. Frank is a very hard worker and because of how hard he tries, he earns people’s respect.

This novel takes place in the 10’s to the 140’s, in Ireland. In these times, Ireland is foul, dirty, grimy, damp, and full of diseases. Frank is sick on a daily basis because of how dirty his surroundings are. Growing up in poverty leads to hunger and sickness. It is an unhealthy place to live in and a few of Frank’s siblings have died due to sicknesses.

The main character in this novel is Frank McCourt. Frank is the author and the narrator of the book. This novel is the story of Frank’s childhood and the hard times he goes through growing up in poverty. This novel is seen through the eyes of Frank as a young boy. Frank is very loving and cares about his family. He takes care of his younger siblings and his mother. Frank is very smart and does well in his studies at school. Though Frank grows up in poverty, he makes the best of what he has for himself and for his family. Frank’s father, Malachy, is an alcoholic and spends all his money on alcohol. He is never there for his family, so Frank acts as a father for his mother and siblings. Frank leaves school to get a job at age fourteen to provide money for his family. This shows that Frank is a very hard worker and his main goals in life are to provide money for his mother and siblings and to take care of them. Frank works a few different jobs to

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