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is UN dysfunctional

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In the motion of bringing peace and harmony throughout the entire world by solving global problems effectively, most countries in the world had participated in forming an international organization, which is called The United Nations. The United Nations officially came into existence on 4 October 145, when the Charter had been ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union (called Russia now), the United Kingdom, the United States and by a majority of other signatories (http// The United Nations is central to global efforts to solve problems that challenge humanity. But does this organization really serve its purposes? Therefore, the functionality of the United Nations will be discussed in this essay. The purpose this topic is discussed because the United Nations is not carrying out their responsibilities as they were supposed to and it is very obvious that recently, The United Nations does not serve as an international body that prioritizes the benefits of all of its members but only serve as a puppet on a string for certain powerful countries as a stepping stone to achieve their benefits and goals. Although this issue is getting more and more serious, certain countries or bodies still think that the United Nations is a very important organization. The United Nations is said to be important as it provides economic and social development; and acts as an international Judiciary body. However, the United Nations fail to carry out their primary purposes, which are bringing international peace and security, protecting human rights, and monitoring humanitarian actions.

Some people debate that the UN is not dysfunctional as it still provides economic and social development to undeveloped countries. Although most people associate the United Nations with the issues of peace and security, the majority of the U.N funds are committed to economic development and social development to those countries of need (http// It is undeniable that the UN’s development efforts have remarkably affected the lives and well being of millions of people throughout the world. The UN tries distributing the wealth evenly throughout the world by creating fair opportunities for third world countries to grow economically. Furthermore, the UN recognizes the social issues throughout the world and tries its best to handle social issues throughout the world by pursuing social policies that provide equitable entitlements for all citizens to ensure that their capacities and functioning are adequate for a decent inclusion in societal affairs (http//

Besides that, political leaders from many countries argue that the UN is not dysfunctional as it still acts as an international judiciary body. The Court has two role to settle in accordance with international law the legal disputes submitted to it by States, and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by duly authorized international organs and agencies ( The UN establishes conditions under which justice and respect for the commitment regarding international agreement and other sources of international law to be maintained. Indirectly, this has help prevent undesirable collisions between countries.

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It is undeniable that the UN had brought some changes to the betterment of the world. But it has failed to serve its main purposes to keep and maintain peace in the world. By the arguments provided below far more compelling, I believe that the UN is dysfunctional.

This essay strongly believes that the United Nation is dysfunctional as it fails maintain international peace and security throughout the world. One of the most critical issues that the United Nations is facing today is its role in preventing the scourge of war. The United Nations Charter, which emphasize on protecting future generations from the scourge of war, practicing tolerance and living together in peace, is combined with a will to create a better future. In the last 54 years since the day the UN was born, the world have seen more, but not fewer wars, and for all its debates, resolutions and peacekeeping missions; the organization has always fail to achieve its mission it is not doing enough to prevent or resolve conflicts. The conflict in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo for an example is the latest and maybe the most dramatic description that the crisis in which the United Nations are facing recently. Frustrated with the UNs inability to act, the NATO alliance bypassed the Security Council and launched a bombing campaign against Yugoslavia to force it to accept Western terms for a settlement (http//www.una-uk.org6). The question then arises as to whether the UN still has an effective role in keeping peace throughout the world, and whether it is even needed?

Secondly, this essay points out that the UN is dysfunctional because it fails to protect human rights. Although freedom of speech and human rights are taken for granted in the west; but in other parts of the world such as certain countries in South East Asia, free speech are prohibited (http// In other countries such as the countries in the Middle East and Africa, the human rights condition still Rwanda and Kosovo remains unchanged. In fact, the condition of human rights in many parts of the world are said to be worsen. Discrimination, torture, abuse, and even man slaughter practices in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq still occur among women, children, disabled people, minorities, migrant workers and the other vulnerable groups. The question is, where have the United Nations been when all these sufferings happen? The UN only came in when everything was over and kept the stability of the community. Therefore, the UN fails to achieve its main role as to protect the human rights of people globally.

In addition, this essay also believes that the UN fails to monitor and coordinate issues regarding humanitarian affairs globally. When we discuss about humanitarian affairs issues, the first one who should be black listed is the United Nations itself. After the defeat of Iraq in the Gulf war in early 11, the Security Council passed the resolution that set economic sanctions on Iraq; nine years of economic sanctions have devastated the Iraqi population, and brought untold sorrow and misery to ordinary Iraqis. (http// Recent figures show that the Iraqi economy is in shambles. The UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs estimated that over 4 million Iraqis, live in extreme poverty. The destruction of the education system as a result of the Gulf War and UN sanctions has been extensive. The measures taken by the United Nations have aggravated the overall situation in Iraq instead of improving it. Besides that, in the past decade; the number and intensity of civil wars has increased. These have caused many humanitarian crises- with extensive loss of life, massive displacements of people, and widespread damage to societies- in complicated political and military environments (http// But the UN fails to address all these ‘complex issues’ and did not respond quickly and effectively to these issues.

In conclusion, the U.N fails to bring harmony and safety, protect human rights, and coordinate humanitarian affair effectively throughout the world. Hence, it is reasonable to resolve that the UN is dysfunctional. Further more, this essay strongly believes that the United Nations is dysfunctional because it is bureaucratic body, which is used by certain powerful countries to be in control. Some see reform as the solution for the UNs crisis. This essay sees that a new UN would be better equipped to deal with the issues facing the world. If the initiative step to reform is still not taken, unfortunately the stability of peace and harmony in world for the future would be seriously threatened. Therefore, the reliability and credibility of the United Nations is not as trusted as before because the UN is dysfunctional.

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