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Workplacement Diary

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Arrived work at am. Walked around the office and inspected there computer system.

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10am. Repaired a network printer problem that a employee reported didn’t work(wasn’t printing).

11am. Took apart a computer and replaced video card. Then put back together and set it back up on the network.

1pm. Cleaned up the storage cupboard

� pm. Changed laser cartridges in all printer and photocopiers, installed a new workstation for new employee.

� 4pm. Built a specific computer made to order for the boss, cleaned the motherboard and did a back up of the network.

5pm. Made sure all computers not used all work is backed up and switched off.


In the morning I worked on pc’s for the new office downstairs did repairs, upgrades and fixed network problems hardware and software.

I also moved old hardware that was lying around the place into the storage room.

1 � pm. Installed there software onto the new pc’s (special designed software that supports there loans)

� 4pm. Played with there software and did an assesment on the ease and user friendliness of there user software.

4 � 5pm. Did the same as the day before this is a daily operation and is done everyday.


Fixed a serious network virus. Most computers were infected and had to be scanned and quarantined for virus’s.

Restated network, some of the computers were not recognized and had to be put back on to the network.

This took all morning.

1 � pm. Put away new office stock into the supplies cupboard. Refilled and replaced any printers without ink or paper.

� 4pm. Cleaned technical area of the office and put back any tools and harware lying were it shouldn’t be.

Then assessed the a network card that wasn’t functioning properly.

Day 4

The it supervisor wasn’t in today so I helped the boss with troubles he previously had with computers.

Worked with the other employees that were there.

Helped move equipment and fix printers.

Day 5

I only worked for half a day there wasn’t much to do. Just took apart computer and put them back together.

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