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Legalize Marijuana

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Legalize It The idea to legalize marijuana has been a hot topic ever since the governmanet first decided to criminalize the drug. Even though there is evidance that the drug is less harmful than it was once believed to be, the government is still hesitant to change its current policy. The cost to society, as well as to individuals, is much more than it should be, considering the lack of success of the war on drugs. Studies have shown that at least fourty million americans have tried marijuana and at least fifteen million still continue to use it on a regular basis. Those who support the legalization of marijuana have pointed to the Netherlands in an effort to convince the government. The Netherlands have a more laid back drug policy that focuses on the treatment of addicts rather than their punishment. The laws of the Netherlands distinguish between hard drugs, such as herion, ans soft drugs, like marijuana, and provide treatment for those who use hards drugs and soft drugs for personal use is not usually considered a crime. With the United States defining all marijuana smoking as a crime, the government is wasting police resources, clogging up courts, using up costly and scarce jail and prison space, and ruining the lives of good citizens. It is time that the American government realizes what the American public has already figured out there is nothing wrong with responsible use of marijuana by adults. If the United States were to leagalize the recreational use of marijuana, it would decrease costs through out the justice system,solve individual injustices to an unfair drug policy, and could even be used as a way to create more revenue for the government.

The criminal justice system is the most obvious area where the legalization of marijuana could help the American government. Efforts to enforce marijuana laws divert scarce law enforcement resources that could be mobilized against crimes which directly threaten the safety of persons and property. Marijuana possession is not a crime against persons or property, which means that the time, money, and energy spent on the effort to control marijuana offenders, is wasted. Also, over half of the marijuana charges are dismissed at some point in the criminal process because of judicial unwillingness to apply the criminal penalty. So, all of the time and effort put forth by the justice system is wasted.

Drug offenders make up a very large part of prison inmates, mainly because of the liklihood to be convicted is very high and their sentances are longer which keep drug offenders in jail while others come and go. The government spends a lot of money on incarceration but the number of drug offenders is not decreasing which means that the harsh punishment it not deterring use and experimentation. So, if possession related crimes were not punishable by criminal law, the number of people in jail would decrease which would decrease the amount of money spent on prisions, and it would also free up space to use on criminals such as murderers and rapists. funds that are saved could also be used to put more officers on the streets, which could then be used to stop crimes that directly effect others. These costs to the american public seem to be larger than any benifits that the current law is supposed to provide.

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Legalization of marijuana would solve individual injustices due to an unfair drug policy . The possession of marijuana is included in the right to privacy. While privacy is not directly mentioned in the consitution, the courts have interpreted the fourth and fourteenth amendments to extend a right of privacy to individuals. Supreme court decisions have shown a tendancy to prtect individual rights when the behavior at issue takes place in the home. The court has always recognized that people have the individual right to be free from unwanted governmental intrusions into ones pirvacy, especially when ones behavior in ones own home does not harm others. In the Suprerm court caes people vs. sinclair, Judge Kavanaugh stated in his final opinion that big brother cannot, in the name of the public heath, dictate to anyone what he can eat or drink or smoke in the privacy of his own home.

Laws that make marijuana illeagal deny users of the equal protection of the laws. Other commonly used recreation drugs, such as tobacco and alcohol, are not prohibited even though they are more harmful than marijuana. Smoking marijuana may contribute to lung disorders in the same way that tobacco does because it contains large amounts of tar, still marijuana is much safer than alcohol. Every day there is another story about someone killed in alcohol related incidents, but rarely do you read about someone killed smoking and driving, or getting stoned and getting into a fight where someone pulls a knife or a gun. When people smoke marijuana they are usually too lazy to get into a fight or even get off of the couch to get into their car. The thought may cross their mind but then the munchies kick in and South Park comes on, so nothing ever goes too far.

Another aspect of the equal protection arguement focuses on the classification of marijuana as a schedule I drug, which means that it is a harmful, controlled substance. to classify marijuana in the same catagory as herion and cocaine is a irrational because marijuana is not as harmful as those drugs. It should not be classified in this way because it does not fit the description of a schedule I drug, which is that the drug has a high potential for abuse, it has no medical benefits or way to be used safely even under medical supervision. Marijuana has been proven to be beneficial to cancer patients by easing the effects of chemotherapy, and it has also been proven helpful in cases of cardiacs and glaucoma.

The governemt could also benefit fomr the legaliztion of marijuana. If the governemtn developed a legally controlled market where the consumers could buy marijuana for personal use from a safe and legal source, then the governenment could also impose a tax that could bring in considerable revenue. If this system were used the government would be able to punish those who sold marijuana in amounts larger than set by the government, but would remove all penalties for private possession and reasonable use. If the government wanted to prohibit the drug use by young people, it could limit sales to adults much in the same way it does to alcohol and tobacco. Some may say that legalization would cause an increase in drug use, but when the Dutch government legalized marijuana for personal consumption, while maintaining laws against sales of larger quantities the level of marijuana use actually declined.

Other alternitives solutions could be that the government could impose some sort of civil sanction for having marijuana in public, this would mean a fine for those caught with marijuana outside of their home, making possession equal to a traffic vioation in the offense would be taken care of outside of the courts. This would please everyone because the government would be able to arrest people for drug use in public, while those who keep their use within their home would not be punished. This would allow users to grow their own marijuana and it would phase out dealers who often sell other, more harmful drugs. The increase in people growing their own marijuana would decrease the drug peddling, which would please the government, while the lighter penalties would make those who grow and smoke their own marijuana happy.

Even though the government has heard all of those suggestions, it still remains tentative to make any changes to current law because it is afraid that by legalizing marijuana, it would look as though the government is approving of the use of drugs. But the government could legalize the use not because they approve of it but because the cost of prohibiting the drug out weighed the benifits of it being prohibited. This way the public and society would know that the government does not promote marijuana use by legalizing it.

So when it comes down to it, the legalization of marijuana would benefit the government and society both. The government would be able to use its funds in a manner that was best suited to uphold the justice system and to take advantage of it to the fullest. Legalization would save a lot of money that would otherwise be wasted. Crime rates would be down, prison would not be as crowded, and law enforcement officers would be able to be focused on stopping the real criminals, and all could happen while the government profits financially too. Meanwhile, society would benefit from legalization in that it allows for controlled use with lesser penalties from possession. Also recreation marijuana would be left alone, but society would have far less criminals if people were not arrested for possession. If marijuana was legalized the world would be a happier place and who knows, maby the government could make enough money from marijuanas decriminalization that it could balance the national budget.

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