Tuesday, January 3, 2012

legally blonde

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what a great movie i for sure approve that u need to see it super! its about a blonde, who was a president of delta nu... and she decided to become a lawyer to win her boy friends heart back... and so she applied to harvard law school. If you did not know its a hard school to get in to. So she applied and they felt that they needed a variety of people, and so Elle was accepted and attended classes in the fall. On her first day back she looked for warner at the freshman orentiaion where she got to meet the rest of her classmates. She did not find warner until bfore her first class. Warner was stunned to see here there. He in the mean time is engaged to this stinky vanderbelt. so on her first day of class., she runs into this shrew.. well she later finds out that the shrew is warneres soon to be wife. Elle was super upset and wanted a maicure, so she went to the local salon where she met paulette who is the funniest girl alive. Well she met her and they became best friends. Paulette is divorcied to this stink man who also has her dog, well elle being the lawyer she wanted to be decided that she is going to get her , her dog back, and she did so, she went to her exs house and got the dog back and they drove off in the porscha. She met this guy on a park bench right after she got kicked out of her first class at harvard that she later falls in love with. so she meets this guy who gives her great advice. she later see this man again at the interniships that she earnes later on, then she goes to court and faces a law suti against brooke windum, and well she was accused of killing her husband, and well it was not true- elle found out that brooke was a delta new and elle took her class in LA... she made one of those bums of steals adds... what a great trick to the american public

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