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Making Tobacco Illegel

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Persuasive Speech Outline

Making Tobacco Illegal

Topic Making Cigarettes Illegal

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General Purpose To weaken the commitment of the audience

Specific Purpose To weaken the commitment of the audience to the side stating that cigarettes should be legal

Thesis Cigarettes are not only harmful to people who use them, they are also injurious to innocent bystanders and should be made illegal.


I. Attention Getter Tobacco. The Silent Killer. Over 440,000 Americans a year die from diseases attributed solely to cigarette smoking alone according to the Chronic Disease Prevention website. Tobacco kills more people than alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin, homicide, suicide, car accidents, fires and AIDS combined.

II. Thesis Cigarettes are not only harmful to those who use them, but they also hurt and kill innocent bystanders and should be made illegal.

III. Preview Today I am going to talk about why cigarettes should be made illegal, why some people such as cigarette companies think it shouldn’t, and some short term solutions that are taking place, before making them illegal, to stop this unnecessary massacre on our soil.


I. How it hurts the User Over 1.1 billion people currently smoke cigarettes in the world. This habit is an expensive one for packs of cigarettes keep increasing in price, and they take years off your life. In essence, someone who smokes is paying cigarette companies to slowly kill you. An extreme situation similar to this would be paying for the gun and bullets that someone will use to murder you.

a. Smoking cigarettes is the cause of about 5 different diseases including cancers, such as lung, pancreas, and lip, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and pediatric diseases. Also, smokers in their 0s and 40s are 5 times as likely to have a heart attack as non-smokers. This was said by the World Health Organization and the Phillip Morris USA website confirms that smoking will lead to these diseases.

i. Phillip Morris also states that there is no safe cigarette.

Transition If that is not bad enough, those who choose to harm themselves are not just hurting themselves; they are ruining the health and well-being of many innocent people.

II. How it hurts others Almost all of us can agree that cigarettes are harming those who use them, shortening their lives, and causing diseases. If someone wants to do such a tragic thing to their body, that is their choice, but they should not be able to harm others.

a. Smoking a cigarette produces smoke which is blown into the air that we all breathe

i. No one can control where the smoke goes, but regardless, if there are people around they are forced to breathe it. There are laws about smoking in some restaurants and bars, but this is not where smoking is confined to.

ii. I am pretty sure that most of you, whether you smoke or not, do not like smoke blown in your face. I am also sure that you do not like things blatantly stolen from you as well. The clean air we breathe belongs to everyone, who gives smokers the right to take that away from us.

b. Some people are forced to breathe this air every day due to the situation they live in.

i. Children that live in houses where there parents smoke have to breathe in second hand smoke every day.

ii. This environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) contains basically all the same carcinogens and toxic agents as directly inhaled smoke.

iii. Exposure to ETS is a cause of many different diseases in healthy non-smokers, and infants have a much greater risk of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

III. What opposes the illegality? Transition Some people would argue against making cigarettes illegal, saying that it either wouldn’t work or isn’t fair.

a. When it comes to smoking, many people think that if it was made illegal, it would be taking away another sliver at our freedom of choice

i. In reality though, it is not so much a freedom that we possess, but a privilege that had been left to our discretion until further information could be gathered

ii. There have been many so called freedoms which have been revoked such as it being unlawful to own a handgun without a permit or not wearing your seatbelt. Both of these were basic rights until the government deemed them unlawful and as a result, saved many lives in the process.

b. Other people might argue that something like prohibition might occur.

i. This situation is different than the 18th amendment of prohibition. It is not being phased out immediately and new laws on the sale of tobacco, the areas where it can’t be smoked, and advertising laws have already started to become a reality.

c. There are other new ideas which are being implemented which are anticipated to reduce smoking as well.

i. One such idea is placing pictures of cancer-ravaged organs on the side of the box says

ii. Another thing that could be done is to sign a treaty which is on the international floor for tobacco control with provisions on advertising and sponsorship, tax and price increases, labeling, illicit trade and second hand smoke. The World Health Organization states that over 40 countries have already supported this treaty.

d. Another argument is that Marijuana is illegal and many people still smoke it.

i. This is true but Marijuana is smoked much less than tobacco, and there are no large companies manufacturing it and advertising it.

ii. It is also smoked in more isolated incidents than cigarettes since it is illegal, affecting only the primary users.

iii. It is less physically addictive, those who smoke marijuana most likely do not chain smoke, and it kills far less people than cigarettes.


I. Summary of main points The bottom line is that cigarettes kill those who use them and who unwillingly breathe in the second hand smoke. There are ways that are being implemented that are decreasing the use of cigarettes, but this is just delaying what really needs to happen. Even though there are those who believe it won’t work, it is what needs to be done to prevent the loss of so many unnecessary deaths. According to CNS the US Surgeon General Richard Carmona told a congressional committee he would support a total ban on all tobacco products, insisting that they have no benefit to society whatsoever.

II. Closing Device Based upon current trends, about 50 million children alive in the world today will be killed by tobacco. If this toxic assassin is not terminated to save the lives of the 5 million people that die because of it every year, than let’s do it for the children, our future.

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