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A Mid Overlook of Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream is about love. Shakespeare creates for readers a world of wonder. How true is my love? Will it stay true? Is there a destiny for me? Do I make my own destiny? With that we see Hermia and Lysander. Their love is found to be altered throughout the story. Can you tell who you are going to love tomorrow, do you know for sure that you wont wake up tomorrow infatuated with someone else? Is love predictable?

For many the answer to that question is yes but thinking logically you can’t choose love. I would my father looked but with my eyes. (Act I scene 1 line 57 Hermia). Hermia’s father Egeus has chosen for her a husband. Hermia is in love with someone already. Hermia won’t have her life be chosen for her and she decides to elope with her love. This is exciting and they only think they will love forever because this love is so true. But puck puts a spell on Lysander to fall in love with Hermias best friend Helena. This love that was true and forever was somehow changed? How can that be they were so deeply in love. Love is constantly changing usually with family increasing for it is unconditional but for lovers it can decrease quicker than the speed of light.

Content with Hermia! NO; I do repent the tedious minutes I with her spent.(Act ll, scene lines 111,11)Lysander wishes that he could turn back time and hadn’t spent it with Hermia. But they were in love and they were eloping and they had a future together. Love is altered anywhere anytime and that’s where people are so dumb they think that they will be together and that they will love each other and then they make dumb choices that ruin their lives. Puck put a spell so that Lysander would despise Hermia but what if that never happened can it be assumed that they would have been in love until their dying days?

Is love true or false? Or is it just a chemical imbalance that people have which sends them into a unrealistic state of mind. We will never know the truth of love but that still doesn’t make a feeling rational just a mystery. So the next time you tell someone that you love them think of Hermia and Lysander and really mean everything that you say because you never know, you could wake and realize it was all a dream.

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