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Although the Millers and the expatriates are all Americans, they prove incompatible. For instance, the egocentric expatriates lack respect for the nouveau riche social class. To illustrate, Mrs. Costello, an expatriate, refuses to meet Daisy, simply because of her reputation. The ideas and standards of the expatriates do not fit those of the nouveau riche, so the two groups encounter problems with accepting on another. The expatriates are too conceited to understand the nouveaux riches. Finally, the nouveau riche does not categorize people into different social classes. Daisy and Randolph speak numerous times with members of the “lower” class, such as the courier and a waiter. The expatriates frown upon this communication between various classes. Just as the setting of Dorian Gray and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are parallel so to their themes relate in the same way. The theme of good vs. evil makes an appearance in both novels. Dr. Jekyll is a scientist working to create a potion that will separate a person’s good and evil sides. Dorian Gray falls in love with the painting Basil drew of him, and he wishes that he will forever stay that way. The real Dorian becomes the painting, and it exposes all the horrible things he does. In a like matter, the experiment in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde turns wrong, and Dr. Jekyll loses control of his evil side, Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde starts

committing crimes, and killing innocent people. Mr. Hyde is pure evil, and Dr. Jekyll is unable to control him. Similarly, Dorian becomes the cause for many innocent deaths including Sibyl, Basil, and Alan Campbell. The only thing Mr. Hyde fears is death, but this would mean he would have to kill himself. Dr. Jekyll takes his life to rid the world of the evil Mr. Hyde. In the same way, Dorian stabs the painting to try to rid the world of this horrible life he really is living. A major theme in both stories is suicide.

In brief, Dorian Gray can be compared to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in many different aspects. The setting of the Victorian era, and the suicide theme play important roles in both novels. It is interesting to think how the stories would be different if their settings were present day. It could change the outcomes of the entire novels.

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