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Stem Cells

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Imagine a world where there is no more suffering because of diseases! Where most diseases are curable, and where injuries such as burns and spinal cord damage no longer lead to permanent disability. A world where damaged body parts can be re-generated!

All this is will be possible in the next ten years, through stem cell biotechnology. This is why embryonic stem cell research is so important.

Stem cells are found within the body, and are dedicated to being one cell type, such as muscle, skin or hair. However, an embryonic stem has the ability to develop into virtually any other cell made by the human body. In theory, the cells can then be directed to become specific types of cells or tissue that can be used to treat a variety of cell-based diseases such as Juvenile Diabetes, Parkinsons and heart disease.

Some people believe that if there is no control over stem cell research, unethical scientists will produce embryos for the sole purpose of research. This denies the right of the embryo to reach its full potential as a human being. But now, in Australia, there is legislation and some other frame works in place to monitor and prevent this from happening. Laws passed in December 00 require permission of both parents before embryos can be used for research, and all research must be passed by a licensing committee. The law states that research on embryos is only allowed if it cannot be achieved by other means. Unethical practices are prevented by the scientists only using frozen IVF embryos that are near expiry.

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However, should frozen embryos be used for stem cell research? If frozen embryos are not used after a certain time period their use results in malformed babies. Thus they can’t be used and are disposed of. Instead of this waste, embryos could be used for stem cell research, and the greater benefit of mankind. In Australia currently 70,000 such embryos exist and out of 10 frozen embryos are wasted.

The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics opposes stem cell research quoting “Destruction of human embryonic life is unnecessary for medical progress.” Many however, believe otherwise. The National Institute of Health supports the use of embryonic stem cells because of the medical opportunities it may be able to provide in the future. They quote Given the enormous promise of stem cells to the development of new therapies for the most devastating diseases, it is important to simultaneously pursue all lines of research.

It is not too unrealistic to say that this research has the potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine and improve the quality and length of life.

Another common fear is that embryonic stem cells will be used for purposes other than the stem cell research. The belief is that they will be used for the cloning of human beings. But individual stem cells don’t have the ability to form into a human being, only into special tissue such as heart, and muscle. Again there are laws and monitoring groups to prevent unscrupulous activity. In December 00 laws were passed in Australia that made cloning illegal.

Stem cell biotechnology will benefit society as a whole, as the cost of health care will decrease, individuals will become more productive due to less illness, and the emotional and financial burden on families will decrease.

In conclusion I would like to ask you are scientists playing God? Some point to the verse in the Old Testament in which God tells Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” From this it seems that men and women were put in charge of nature, to use it and change it for their own benefit. Therefore stem cell research can be seen as a natural step in fulfilling mankind’s destiny.

While the technology must be used with wisdom, respect and caution, it has the enormous potential to provide amazing benefits to mankind.

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