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Themes in romeo and Juliet

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Being the main character, plot wise in the play, Romeo goes through many true to life emotions during the play but also in an effort by Shakespeare to enhance the plot Romeos actions sometimes seem somewhat un-realistic.

Romeos judgement concerning major decisions in the play are rash to say the least, but can the tragic eventualities which conclude the play be blamed totally on the love-stricken boy?

Romeo begins the play very dispirited and down this is due the fact that he has found out that there would be no chance of the love-of-his-life Rosaline ever getting together with him. When you take into account that the two have never in-fact indulged in conversation it already, even so early in the play, gives you an idea of the mindset of Romeo.

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In a deluded attempt to re-vitalise Romeos spirit his friends decide to take him to a party at his familys arch enemy, the Capulets house. This is where Romeo falls in love with Juliet but in fact also where Juliet falls in love with Romeo.

Can two strangers really, fall in love at first sight? Well this brings up a whole new question, What is love? To me love is the idea when two people want to be together for the rest of their lives and if it came to it would even sacrifice their own place on the earth for their lover, which as we all know was the case for these two star crossed lovers. The play boasts a number of different aspects of love which I feel Shakespeare has purposely done to give the idea of contrast between the love of Romeo and Juliet and for example the love based on sexual pleasure that Samson, Gregory and the Nurse talk so often about. On many occasions the nurse and Juliet’s mother tell Juliet that Paris would be the right choice for her even though the two have never spoken let alone exchanged feelings of love. This is a different type of love, this is a love all about social standings.

No matter how deep the love for the two and how happy her daughter would be, Lady Capulet would never give her consent to the marriage of Juliet to Romeo. Lady Capulet would want Juliet to marry someone high up in the social hierarchy and with Paris being a prince, there is no better person [in Juliet’s parents mind] for Juliet to marry. I do not believe that love-at-first-sight is an example of true love, its an example of two people being instantly attracted to each other therefore I feel that on the night they met they didn’t fall in love, this came later on in the play.

Upon meeting and not knowing of each others family alliances the two flirt for a few minutes with Romeo continuously using metaphors of kissing to try and persuade, where he succeeds, in getting Juliet to accept a kiss. Talking to the nurse after leaving Romeo, Juliet confesses, If he be married, my grave is likely to be my wedding bed. Juliet means that is she could not marry him she would rather be dead! This makes you believe that like Romeo, Juliet is indeed quite immature and after only one meeting is rushing into plans for the future. So I feel upon first sight of each other Romeo and Juliet do not fall in love at all, I believe it is an childish infatuation on both parts but love does flourish between the two as the play goes on.

One of the reasons I feel the two bond so quickly especially after finding out what family there new found lover is from, is the feeling of danger. The two are extremely excited about doing something they are not supposed two especially Juliet, who towards the end of the play becomes very rebellious towards her family.

Fate is an idea which might explain the tragic events in the play. It is obvious Shakespeare meant fate to be a prominent idea in the play because at the beginning he describes Romeo and Juliet as star-crossed-lovers. Fate is whenmatter what you do and know matter how you behave, your life has already been set out for you by someone higher. It is a very appropriate idea when trying to explain why the eventualities actually end up occurring in the play. There can’t be much chance of all the sour twists and turns happening in life, so it must mean that the two were either unlucky, or fate had already set them on a doomed path.

This quote refers to the idea of ones future fate being planned out by the lining of the stars, so was Romeo and Juliets fate planned out before the two set eyes upon each other? I feel that this isn’t the reason why the plays ending is so tragic, in my opinion the reason is, the choices of Romeo and Juliet tied with the bad advice from Friar Lawrence.

Romeo and Juliet’s choices are, in fact what makes their deaths so tragic. Being an impulsive character Romeo is prone to being influenced wrongly in making serious decisions. Friar Lawrence on more than one occasion foolishly advises Romeo to act in a certain way. He rightly, for a man in his position, advises Romeo not to marry Juliet but in the end is talked around by Romeo and he goes forward in endorsing the marriage even though he must have known that the act would have dire consequences.

The play must be put into historical context to be analysed properly. Many people reading the play nowadays are left asking the question, why do they feel they have to rush into marriage? In the days that the play was set marriage was the only option for couples like Romeo and Juliet. It wasn’t deemed appropriate for two people to be courting, living together and having sexual relationships while they were still not married. I do feel that Romeo does indeed love Juliet but I feel love evolved from the feeling of infatuation, Romeo matured a lot due to the adverse circumstances that fell upon him during the course of the play.

Hate is a word that is used very flippantly nowadays, but hate is a very strong and deep word and its power is often underestimated. I feel that the relationship between the Montague’s and Capulet’s is one of hate, but only on principle. Maybe the generations that began the rivalry might have actually hated each other but I feel that the generation that Romeo and Juliet were born into feel that they have to hate each other for pride even though people actually died due to the rivalry. This is proven because if the Capulet’s did actually hate the Montague’s then there would be no way one of the two could even contemplate having a relationship together.

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