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to be a slave

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To Be A Slave

To Be A Slave, written by Julius Lester, is the book I think of when I think of slavery. During the period of slavery African American people endured some of the worst treatment in the history of this planet. These people were forced to work for white people and not receive pay. But that is nothing compared to the treatment they received. This time period was so horrid that it scared the people’s brains that were treated in the ways you are about to hear about.

This book shows real accounts of how slaves were beaten, malnourished, and disrespected as a whole. Slaves were considered to lower than the lowest of life. The slaves were thought to be disposable and replaceable. If a slave died no one cared all the white man did was go get a new one and treat it just as bad as the one that died. A slave could not own land, a slave could not vote; a slave had no rights.

People in this book and during this time period thought that one man could own another, because of his race or ethnicity was different. I feel what lead them to thinking this way was money and greed. They wanted their work to get done for free and fast so they could make money. This book also showed how intimidation and harsh punishment could keep a slave in line. A slave would be whipped so hard and so many times that his whole back would be a permanent scar.

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In the beginning of this book it shows how slavery generated in New Africa and how new ways of life came to play. Slavery life was horrible. They had no rights and were not cared for. As slavery grew the idea that whites were superior grew and this lead to the African race losing there rights to be free. (Basically they left their homeland to be free and were en slaved when they got to the United States doesn’t that suck). In time more and more people would become slaves until the Civil War and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln when the slaves were freed and declared free men. The first slaves to be freed were the ones who fought in the war and then all the others slaves closely followed.

As you can see slaves had harsh lives and these awful ideas that one man is superior to another and one man can own another was a bunch of crap and all it did was start a horrid generation of maltreatment. A slave’s life has to be one of the worst life styles I have every read about. And this still boggles my mind, How does one man get the Idea that he is so much better than another. Who thinks of these things? At least now things are set straight and all men are created equal to some extent.

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