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Assessing Strengths and Weakness

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Trying to access my strengths and weaknesses is going to be a difficult task. The better a person knows himself or herself, the more exactly they can assess the areas that require additional personal development such as determining their strengths and weaknesses. To paint a true picture of where I am and where I want to be, I will have to be totally honest. There are certain areas of my personality and life that I will have to improve to reach my goals.

In order to decide my strengths I will have to first determine the areas that I am most competent and comfortable. I consider myself to be a well-organized individual. I start my day off at the office by reviewing my previous days productions. This allows me the opportunity to prioritize what needs to be completed by the close of the business day. I try to tackle projects in both my personal and business life in such a manner that they can be completed with efficiency. This saves me time and allows me to accomplish more.

I also feel that I have good people skills. I come into contact with many individuals that require my undivided attention (clients, customer service representatives, and co-workers) on a daily basis. Many of the situations I handle are over the telephone with angry managers who call me all the time with production issues. My people skills allow


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me to handle any situation in a professional manner. This is valuable when employed in a customer service related field such as mine.

Also, I consider myself a team player. I often provide assistance to fellow employees when they are in a crunch. I do not feel that management appreciates me, for always lending a hand but that does not stop me form lending a helping hand when needed. I try to bring enthusiasm to all I do and I always have the best interest of the company at heart.

Teaching others has always been a strong suit of mine-especially when it comes to training. I feel satisfied knowing that I am able to make others comprehend something that they felt was foreign. I enjoy educating people on the job; it provides me with a sense of achievement.

Finally, I feel that I have a self-discipline quality. Believe me, when I am dealing with 50 different personalities who are repeatedly frustrated and taking it out on you, it takes a certain level of restraint not to lose you composure. This trait is also applicable in my personal life where I do not make frivolous purchases in order to afford better material items for my family.

On the negative side of the table, I do have a tendency to procrastinate. Not so much in my professional life, where I cannot afford to lose my job, but more so in my personal life. Because I gain more time from being organized in general, I find that I squander away a lot of time-causing me to wait until the last minute to begin a project. My family ironing project is a good example of where I procrastinate. The home environment is just


full of distractions such as televisions. There is always a reason to watch a little more television, play with the family, play video games, etc.

Another negative trait would be that I strive to be a perfectionist. When I do things I do them in a certain methodical way and I am not satisfied until they are just right in my eyes. When working on group projects, I get annoyed when I do not perform to the standards of others. I expect to put forth the same level of effort that they do and find myself losing patience when I don’t seem to have the dedication as others.

I have decided to use most of my free time to get more schoolwork completed. In other words-no more goofing off until I at least accomplish something due during the week. Afterwards, I will reward myself with something recreational.

I will also try to be more dedicated as a team member, especially at work and at school. I will try to share my ideas with greater enthusiasm. Instead of being critical of myself, I will try to be constructive and I hope to achieve results in the same manner.

It will not be an easy task, but I will monitor my own behavior as I travel the road of self-improvement. The results will help me to better myself as an individual and as a mother. These are my strengths and weaknesses.

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