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College is just like a dream. It will involve things that people have dreamed of in high school. It will be lots of fun, but there are other things to care for such as academics. Things like freedom, academics, social life, finances, and athletics. College will determine people’s career, and it all will depend on how hard everyone works. Not everyone will be successful in college, but it is a place that everyone will experience and discover lots of new things. College is like a long party with a little bit of seriousness.

The main good thing about college is that everyone will have total freedom. In dorms, there are no bed and lights out times in dorms like at Saint James. But, one will have to have responsibility of going to bed at the right time to prepare for classes the next day. Also, there are no room inspections and no one will be required to keep the room clean. Going to class can be a problem with all this freedom. If one chooses not to attend a class, no one is going to prevent that from happening. However, people will need to learn to have be serious and have responsibility. Having freedom and control of over one self is really great, but it would not be good if everyone loses responsibility and end up failing out of college.

Academics are also a big part of college and freedom is also included in academics. No one will be forced to take certain classes to graduate. There are exceptions, but people will choose in what they want to major. Also, the class subjects are more advanced than high school class subjects. Most advance classes anyone can take in high school are advanced placement classes, which is a college course and there will be subjects that will surpass way beyond that level. People will get freedom to schedule their own class, time-wise. For example, my friend’s brother is in college in New York and taking only one class a day around noon. Everyone’s career will most likely depend on their academics success. It will depend on how well one does, so people will need to think about that before they go off to a party and pass out. Everyone should make sure not the make such bad mistakes that will ruin their academic work.

Social life is what everyone will experience the most since classes do not run all day. It is college, and there is going to be a lot of chances for everyone to drink at college, even though it might be illegal. So, it is all up to everyone to drink or not. In college, there are going to be lots of parties and even though they are in the middle of the night, no one will stop anyone from going.

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College will not be free of cost, and it will never be free. Tuition in college is very expensive and not everyone is able to afford that tuition. One way to bring down the high price tuition in college is getting a scholarship. There is going to be a big price difference in tuition whether people are going to in-state or out-of-state colleges. Since everyone will be on their own, they will have to learn how to manage money. If not, that person will end up broke and that will be very awful. After the tuition, there will be books everyone needs to buy for their classes. Books are required in classes, and everyone will have to buy them and books cost lots of money. Damaging school property can also cause one to lose money. So, it would be a good idea to leave school property alone such as dorms, desks, and all that.

Athletics will be very competitive in college, such as National Colligate Athletic Association. NCAA will provide fun games to students in college. From going to NCAA games, people might build up school spirit by cheering and also, everyone will be proud of their school if their school does well in the league. And, there will be much more sports in college than high school.

People will come from everyone around the world to go to college in the United States. Since people come from everywhere around the world, people will have different cultures. There are lots of people at college, and not everyone will have same personality as others. Just like high school, college can have different groups of people such as thugs, jocks, nerds, preps, etc. Since all everyone will see is new people, everyone has lots of opportunity to make plenty of new friends.

College combines lots of things and it is fun, but people will also need to be serious regarding their career and for their own good. Freedom can also be a bad thing in college because it might lead people off to bad things and could cause them to fail. So, academics are the effects everyone needs to consider and know that college is not all about fun. I do not think anyone would like to see the face of their parents after getting kicked out of college.

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