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Future goals

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Many people have different strategies of how to find a career they can enjoy or a way of obtaining it. Mine would have to be through education and college. I first would like to go through many years of schooling, so that I can further my knowledge into different fields of jobs and explore to find a profession that I take interest in. Also, when I reach out into the world of working, school is very important to myself because when choosing certain classes can verify what your future career would revolve around. My strengths and challenges as I set out to meet my future goals are mainly constructed upon taking the arts and expanding my skills in college.

Challenges that would be set afoot would be able to successfully pass all the classes when attending college with decent grades, and receiving a degree. The Art field requires each of they’re students to pass with relevant good grades. When it comes to grades, it is essential that you have dedication, which is required a lot when you reach the work force. However, grades are established by how much creativity, imagination, skill, but especially on how much you can put in with your heart. It is with the compassion of the heart on which you can believe and trust yourself. I believe that as long as that remains in your hands, you will conquer all fears. Obtaining a degree in a certain occupation of Art would be another test. To be able to receive a degree in Art, you choose what you major in, which would be for myself, a Graphic Design Degree. An average of 1 to years of work can certify a degree in Graphic Arts. It takes a certain level of mathematical skills, creativity, imagination, not to mention motivation to be able to concentrate on this field.

By being able to fight the challenges in my future goals, I can be rest assured that with the determination, dedication, hard work, and an optimistic attitude in situations, I will farther my goals in life. Art mainly revolves on how much thought and inventive dexterity in certain levels, but if you can put your heart and feeling into your art, you will always build a base for awe-inspiring masterpieces. It is with the mind you can create a whole new world. Being able to set out and work with effort can build a foundation for myself in Art. It will help me in life’s toughest moments and it can create an attitude and perspective on living.

For me to be able to mitigate my strengths and challenges in order to accomplish my expectation in life, I will try to my best advantage to work hard and be dedicated to extend my educational purposes in the Art field in hopes find a employment with the effort and uphill struggle I am willing to put up.

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