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This year more than 5 million Americans will receive training in CPR from either the American Heart Association, or the American Red Cross. However, this is not enough. Did you know that according to an article in Occupational Hazards Eighty percent of all cardiac arrest situations occur at home, and more than seventy percent of people who perform CPR do so for a loved one or a friend. What this means to you, is being prepared in this type of situation is crucial. CPR is a very valuable technique that everyone should not only know, but be certified to perform.

II. Why you should know CPR

While doing some of my research I ran across and article about a teenage girl who saved her father using CPR skills that she learned in her lifeguarding class. This article which appeared in Current Health Magazine, told the story of a high school sophomore who awoke in the early morning hours, to find her father unconscious without a pulse. Her mother told her that he had complained of chest pains earlier in the night. Assuming that her father had had a heart attack she began to administer CPR. When the paramedics arrived they administered electric shocks to his heart and were able to get a pulse. Before the paramedics left they told the teenager that she saved her fathers life.

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Now I want you to imagine that you are in this situation. What would you do , if a loved one or friend lay dying before your eyes? If you knew CPR you could have easily done the same thing as the teenager in the story. However, if you were not certified in CPR you would probably wait helplessly for the paramedics to arrive.

CPR is also important to know for a variety of other reasons.

According to the article “How you can save a life with CPR”, cardio pulmonary resuscitation is especially important to know if you live with someone who has a heart condition or a history of heart problems. It is more than likely that this type of situation will occur while the person is at home.

Also, by knowing CPR you can dramatically increase a person’s chance of survival. According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, when CPR is administered early a persons chance of survival is increased by as much as 40 percent. Which helps to save thousands of lives annually.

Although CPR is a temporary solution to a serious problem, it keeps oxygen rich blood flowing to the brain, comes from The National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguarding Training Manual. Although you may not to resuscitate the victim completely you are still prolonging their live until Emergency Medical personnel arrive.

Now that I have bombarded you with all this information what can you do? The American Heart Association or the American Red Cross here in Bloomington- Normal offers courses on CPR which are very good. If you

don’t have time to make it to a class you can go online to which will familiarize you with CPR terms and show you the basic process.

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