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the living nightmare

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The living nightmare

It was a perfect day as I walked up the mountain, with a cloudless sky overhead. As my climbing party and I reached the bottom of Mount Cheguva, the highest mountain in the world, I gazed up above and stared in amazement at the snow-capped peaks, and steep rocky paths covered with snowflakes. It seemed that one man alone could not conquer this mammoth creation of Mother Nature. I realized by the end of the day I could be in heaven, among many unknown species and uncharted valleys. At ten miles high, from this close, my reason for living seemed almost too big, almost.

It was pointed out to me, however, that the pitch-black well clouds known in this part of the world were on the horizon and a strong wind was beginning to howl in our ears. Oblivious to the many forceful warnings shouted in my direction, I began my long climb. Tiny snowflakes began to create a light powder, making the floor slippery and sticky with mud once it melted.

After traversing the moderately steep slopes near the bottom, I realized I had no idea of how long I’d been climbing. The snow fell heavy and began to lash my face and the howling wind was driving against me. I glanced at my watch and realized that I had been climbing for hours. It was late and conditions like these at night could mean death. I found a small overhang with cover from the howling wind and decided to lay my camp for the night as there was no way to turn back now, not in this weather.

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Having sat down to rest, I suddenly realized how hungry I was. To my astonishment and horror, I discovered three gaping slash marks in the back of my bag, seemingly those from some sort of animal that lived in this place. I could feel the colour draining from my cheeks. I got out my food, although there was no hope of lighting a fire in this terrible weather. While I was gnawing at some of my now soggy turkey, I tried to remember whether I had seen any animal but could not remember seeing any. Not a single thing all the time, which was very unusual considering it, was one of the best habitats for bears, foxes and other mountain creatures.

To say the least, the holes in my bag had me very worried. There was not a trace of life on the entire mountain, another thing that troubled me. My clothes were saturated, and in this weather, that meant death. I couldn’t light a fire so I curled up and concentrated on keeping myself warm. The snow had turned into hail and drove down with uncontrollable force, lit dimly by the cracks of lightning and the whistle of the wind.

Out of the corner of my eye a movement caught my attention a mass of black. It must have been around ten feet tall. A crack of lightning, showed it was against the snow-covered background, then gone. I was scared out of my wits and began to pack my bag, giving up any hope of rest for the night. An ear splitting roar nearly knocked me- over the sheer force of it was so devastating. My ears ringing, and adrenaline flowing through my veins, I ran through the trees and ducked behind a boulder, hoping it would cover me from the creature’s view.

The next thing I noticed as I tried to gather my thoughts was that my surroundings were ominously quiet, like a ghost town No driving hail, no lashing rain, and no cracks of lightning. As I glanced to my right, I saw a jet black shape darting through the trees. A second later, and it was gone. I turned around as I came to halt and froze. My heart began to thump faster. This thing stood in front of me, two-inch teeth bared, blood shot eyes staring into mine. I recovered from the shock quickly enough to dodge the paw crashing down into the boulder, smashing it to pieces. I whipped round and fired my hunting rifle into the beast, before crashing into the snow. I may as well have been throwing stones for the effect it had on the creature. I couldn’t even see if the bullet had hit it.

I crawled to my feet and stumbled into a run. The beast was nowhere to be seen but the only thing on my mind was getting to the bottom of the mountain. I began to climb up a slight overhang. Just as my feet cleared the bottom, the creature’s claws raked against the rock. I levelled my rifle to its face and let my rifle fire directly into its jaw. This did have the desired effect, as the creature wheeled back and smashed to the floor.

Turning my back, I began climbing up the sheer rock face to escape, loose stones falling all around me. The sun was beginning to rise, casting a great shadow over the entire side of the mountain. I heard another scuttling of rocks down the mountainside and glanced down. To my horror, the creature was climbing straight after me. As I pulled myself over the edge, I crouched to the floor and began firing rounds in the direction of the beast. The majority of shots missed but those that hit their target were enough to make it slip on the loose stones and crash to the ground.

I decided to finish it now. Staring through my telescopic sight, I aimed right at its temple. I pulled the trigger. Click. Nothing happened. I did it again and, again nothing happened. With no ammo in it, I threw my now useless rifle to the floor and saw a large boulder. Putting all my strength behind it, I it rolled down the cliff, crashing directly in to the creature and sending it into the ice filled chasm below. Then, there was silence. I checked my body for wounds and, bleeding from every limb, pondered how to reach the bottom and safety. I ran as brisk as I could as I tumbled down the mountain. I had no self-control over myself, and before I knew I had collapsed forming a spherical shape.

Feeling weak, I began to open my eyes sluggishly. I wondered where I was. Moments later I heard something coming towards me, suddenly there was silence. I stood up to see what it was but nothing came into view. I sat back down. The sound then came back. I was petrified to know I was no longer alone. I moved closer trying to visualize who was there.

“Who is it?” No one replied. The only thing I could hear was the echoing of my voice. I could feel something breathing over me. I turned around to see what was there but there was nothing. As I gazed around something diverted my attention. I could not believe it at first and I began to rub my eyes slowly.

“How are you?” a booming voice came from the dark. I began to creep back slowly. Wondering what I was doing here. I was anxious and did not reply immediately.

My heart began to pump faster. “What am I doing here?” There was complete silence. It moved closer and spoke slowly; “ You were found lying on the ground. The rescue team found you brutally battered”

“Thank god”. I noticed a very peculiar ring on his fingerer. It was round and had two horns either side with a skull in the middle. But I did not ask any questions. “I think I’d better get some food” he spoke, and went. I thought long and hard that night about the ring but I did not take it seriously. After few hours went by he returned. “It is very cold out side don’t you think?” “Oh yes” I said. “It is very dark outside also a full moon so do not wonder off it is too dangerous” he spoke in a concerned voice.

Later that night the howling off the wolves grew louder which woke me from my sleep. I looked around wondering where he had gone, but he did not come into sight. In the far corner a shadow came into view. I leapt up and begun to walk forward.

“Stop right there” a voice came from the same direction. “Run as fast as you can, run!” it said. I tried running but it was no use the way was blocked. I turned around and froze.

A creature about seven feet tall and covered with hair and red eyes blinding me stood in front of me. It lifted me high up and spoke; “I am thirsty for blood”. I was powerless and did not know what to do. I realised it wore the same ring as other man who saved me. I realised to my amazement he was a blood thirst creature a ware wolf.

It gripped my throat and I fainted. I woke up the next morning battered and could not walk. I rested. I woke up as the sun begun to set. I opened my eyes and looked at my watch realising it was seven o’clock.

I realised I had the ring the ware wolf had I tried to take it off but I did not have the strength to. I looked straight at the moon and realised hair begun to grow on my chest, with large inhuman like teeth and red eyes with brown skin. I had realised I had transformed into a hideous creature and thirsty for blood.

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