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stolen oral

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Our next topic of discussion for today’s show will surround the controversy of the ‘Stolen Generation’.

Although this incident may have occurred many years ago, the traumatizing memories for those involved, are as vivid as the exact moment they occurred. The pain these individuals endured, still remains and for many, their lives have been turned up-side down.

The pain and agony that they experienced from being taken away from their families, has resulted in a long term affect on their lives and has caused confusion in trying to determine their true identity.

As strong as this issue may be it cannot be portrayed in a more powerful sense than the newly produced play ‘Stolen’.

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Jane Harrison the writer of the play, has used the real life experiences of five Aboriginal people, showing the suffering and trauma experienced by each character escalating from their child-hood, following through to their adult-hood.

Throughout the play Jane uses the format of each character continuously switching from their adult-hood back to their child-hood, and vice-versa. By doing this we are shown flash-backs and memories of intense scenes portraying their distraught emotions and confusion of being taken away from their families and the treatment they endured.

I think through using the form of switching roles really captured significant emotions, experiences and events throughout different stages of each character’s life. This was a great portrayal of what each individual was feeling, how they dealt with these feelings and how their thoughts and experiences changed them as they got older.

Well In the beginning of the play, when we see the scenes of them as children, their thoughts and actions capture their sense of innocence. As they develop into adults, we see this sense of innocence slowly fade away.

Well for the first part of this segment we will focus on how each character dealt with the loss and grief of their experience of being taken away from their families and the life changing experience that followed.

Loss and suffering was an extremely strong and frequent factor which surrounded each of the characters throughout the play.

Lets take Ruby for example, her suffering was extremely evident and often portrayed through her silences and body language which made her scenes emotionally powerful.

Yes throughout the majority of the play Ruby’s deeper level of suffering is seen through her traumatising abuse.We see her first count of abuse in the scene ‘Unspoken abuse 1’, after returning from a weekend away with a white family. She returned with a disturbed presence, walking slowly into the scene, dragging a doll behind her.

Although Ruby doesn’t come out and tell us that she was abused, it is revealed to us through the ‘Patty Cake Game’ where the children are eager to find out about her weekend away. They ask her several questions to which she answers normally to , but when they ask her “What else did ya do?”, she replies with “I promised not to tell”, showing the betrayal of trust from her visit. This shows us that Ruby has been taken in by the secretive and oppressive depths of sexual abuse.

After Ruby is picked in the line-up numerous times, we begin to see the transition from her being a hopeful young girl, to feeling violated and lost. Which causes her to lose focus on life.


In the scene ‘Ruby comforting her baby’, she expresses her confusion and shame after being abused for the first time through talking and singing to her doll.

YEAH…….She sits there sobbing and rocking the doll, as if to capture the idea of the doll being herself.

I SUPPOSE…….. This is her way of comforting herself and dealing with her mixed emotions that she feels from the traumatic memories of abuse.

AND THEN….. When she pleas “Where are you?”, its like she is crying out to her lost childhood self. These few words come across to be very powerful, as it shows her desperation to an uncaring world, which has stripped her of who she really is.

As a result Ruby’s loss and grief, causes her to feel isolated and leads to a mental breakdown, which is shown in the scene ‘Ruby’s decent into madness’. Even though she eventually reunites with her family, it is too late for them to reclaim the child they once knew; they too suffer loss.

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