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The invention of computers has revolutionized the entire world. Everywhere we look, computers have greatly influence on our society. They modernize our cars for being comfortable to drive, keep important role in a business, and be used as the significant implement of scientists for research and development. These factors cause me to think that the computer is the most dramatic change in this century.

Just about everything in a new car is controlled by a computer, a computer will read and recognize our driving patterns and adjusts how and when the transmission should shift from gear-to-gear so that we, as the driver, will get maximum performance from our cars. The latest computer technology is an on-board navigational computer that will direct the driver into using the fastest and most efficient way to get to the destination. It will plan our trip around any construction or traffic jams. If our cars happen to breakdown, a mechanic will just ask the cars computer what the problem is, rather than having to go through a ton of complicated tests to find out what is wrong.

Another reason is that the computer has important roles in a business. If we have ever noticed at a restaurant, a lot of times the waiter or waitress just writes down our orders on a small piece of paper and tosses to the cook. Who then has to try and decipher what has been written down. Now a lot of restaurants are changing there methods and using computers to relay the orders so things are less confusing and also a lot quicker. In the example of having computers put to use in a restaurant doesn’t cause the workers to become lazy. It enables the business to operate more efficiently, and that is something that everyone looks forward to, including the owners, managers, employees, and most importantly the customers.

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Finally, scientists have used the computer as a tool in experimentation design, and development. They use the computer to develop theories, to collect and test data, and to exchange information electronically with colleagues around the world. Researches can access database in distant locations all without going any further than the closest computer. Scientists can use powerful computers to generate detailed studies of how earthquakes affect building or pollution affects weather. It would be impossible to explore outer space without computes.

We can always keep adding technology to our everyday lives as long as the technology isnt manipulated to the point that we have to take advantage of and exploit other people in order to get ahead. Everyone can learn to use technology in each of his/her professions and it will make this world a better place to live. It would be great if everything worked out that way, but as we all know we dont live in a perfect world. Some of people are letting technology over come their lives and eventually they will be overcome by laziness and immoral.

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