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Golda Meir: Forever Remembered

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Golda Meir was a woman with a lifelong commitment and an unfailing dedication in bringing her dream to a reality. Her dream was for Israel to be a safe homeland for the Jewish nation, including the Zionist Movement, which she wanted people to clearly understand. Zionism served as a strong belief that the Jews should gain their fatherland in Israel that they had lost to the Romans in 70 A.D. Golda Meir never lost sight of this goal, and did countless things for Israel. If only we could have her compassion, strength, courage and intelligence- then would we all be able to make such a perpetual effect on the world’s countries as she did.

On May rd, 188, Golda was born into a family in Kiev, Russia. Her family was quite destitute, and there was much hunger and tears. “I remember too clearly how poor we were. There was never enough of anything, not food, not warm clothing, not heat at home. I was always a little too cold outside and a little too empty inside.” Golda remembers that gruel (a certain type of grain) was a luxury in their household, and at times, her own gruel was confiscated for the sake of her younger siblings. She felt life’s hardships and thought that there was no righteous justice served anywhere. Her sister, Sheyna, fainted from hunger in school. Golda says that it’s sad to recall her memories, for she had rare pleasant times at home. Pogroms were all over during this time, looking to persecute for the Jews as they called them “Christ Killers”. They were to do terrible things to the Jewish families, gesturing knives and huge sticks.

“I can remember how I stood on the stairs that led to the second floor in my building where another Jewish family lived. The mother of that family held hands with her little daughter, while watching our fathers trying to barricade the entrance with boards of wood.” It was a fearful time for Golda, possessing a small point of view being a young child, and she did not yet understand the dirty politics of the world. These inclement conditions of their personal poverty and pogroms caused them to migrate to America in 106, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There she started middle school until she learned she was to marry a man twice her age at 14, and so she ran to her sisters house in Denver, Colorado to begin High School soon after.

It was at her sisters that Golda grew continuously interested in the Zionist Movement. There, guests had came to discuss Zionism and it’s works. She joined the Zionist movement, and from there- the rest is almost history! On December 4, 117 she married Morris Myerson, who she loved even though he had not shared her enthusiasm on Zionism. In the first few months of their marriage, Golda had traveled all over the United States producing new Zionist groups and fundraising. “I listened to the other groups, I heard what they had to say, but it was to the Socialist Zionists that I found myself listening most attentively, and it was their political philosophy of Israel that made the most sense to me.” Golda understood and completely accepted the idea for Israel to be the home for the Jews- a place on the Earth where Jews could be free and independent. Zionisim captured her eye more than the political scene in Denver or even then what was going on in Russia.

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Golda’s dream was to join a Kibbutz, a communal farm, in Israel, and so she left America and went to Merhavia, Israel to fulfill this dream. Her personality was strong, and when she saw something that she wanted to be a part of, nothing could block her from going her own way. Golda was the type of person who got places she wanted to go when she wanted to go. She gave her all into every job she felt would help build the Jewish homeland. One of her main Middot was most definitely determination. Morris had not always liked her travelling and intense involvement in politics, but she had always remained independent and strong in her belief- and kept going with utmost determination to ease the sore backs of the Jewish people.

Golda steadfastly became even more involved with Israel’s movements. In 146, she became the head of the Jewish Agencys political department. Then in 147 she traveled to the United States once more to raise money to purchase arms for Israel. This fundraiser was said to be impossible by many people, but Golda pressed on, determination shining right through. With perseverance, she returned to Israel with 50 Million-, which made Israel possible. She then became appointed Israel’s ambassador to the Soviet Union. Even though she created relationships this way with the Soviet Union, the job required much labor, and Golda wasn’t happy with it. Luckily, she was elected Israel’s minister of labor which allowed her to stay home and not travel as much- and this she was satisfied with. In 148, Israel was established as a state. “The state of Israel! My eyes filled with tears, and my hands shook. We had done it. We had brought the Jewish State into existence! And I, Golda Mabovitch Meyerson, had lived to see the day.” Golda was so relieved, for she felt that the exile of the Jewish people was over, and now we finally had our home. “Too late to save those that perished in the Holocaust, but not to late too save generations to come.”

It is known that for many decades, even centuries, women leaders have sought to strengthen laws to guarantee themselves equal rights. Many legislative efforts sometimes successfully increased womens rights, but the gains were often very difficult, and many major efforts to pass Constitutional Amendments guaranteeing equal rights failed. During World War II, several million American women took factory production jobs to aid the war effort. But after the war had ended, these women were forced to leave their job to make room for the returning soldiers. Society encouraged women to become full-time housewives. Devotion to home and family and the rejection of a career emerged as the ideal image for women.

But a new wave to help women receive their rights began in the 160’s. Women were tired of being known as a person who would just take care of dishes and clothing, running the house day in and day out. Womens groups fully discovered discrimination in the workplace, where women received less pay and fewer promotions than men did. They also uncovered boundaries to women seeking political office and to female students striving for higher education.

Golda Meir was way ahead of her own time. We see so openly her determination, and grand leadership, which she used to help pull her through Israel’s difficulties, and the worlds. She began within herself the beginning of Womens’ rights. Did it matter that not many women before her had been in her position? Did it bother her that she wasn’t young, or wealthy? Golda Meir was a strong lady, full of dreams and goals, which she established for her country, no matter her sex or status.

Golda was discovered to have cancer in 16, but that did not stop her from doing anything-nothing in her lifetime ever did stop her. After working 4 years for Israel, she began thinking of retiring- for this was too much work for her. She backed off from her position as foreign minister, and Prime Minister Levi Eshkol took her place. Only after a few months into her retirement, Golda felt she couldn’t just retire and so she became Labor Party secretary general. Prime Minister Eshkol died of a heart attack in 16, and Golda was asked to take his place, only temporarily. She saw how much Israel really needed her, and she knew it was going to be exhausting. She decided to serve Israel again. On March 7, she was voted in. She became so busy and had so little time, she would have meetings at her kitchen table at night. This was a challenge for Golda, but as usual, with her determination, she took it up as a way to help her people through.

Israel began to have serious problems with the Arab enemies, and there were many loses. Golda mourned each lost with such heart-felt sorrow. “We count each one, and each sorrow is not only of the mother, but of all mothers, of everybody in the country. Then on October 6th, 17, the Arab-Israeli war broke out where ,500 Israeli’s were killed. It is said that this great loss might have been prevented if Golda would have used a callup of the defense forces. And because so, many protests and critics had bothered her, and accused her, and so- she resigned.

Golda’s cancer wasn’t getting any better, but this didn’t discourage and bother has nearly as much as Israel’s own problems did. She began to work out some peace efforts, but on October 1th, 178, she entered the hospital and passed away. She had wanted no eulogies.

Can you imagine- a woman so strong in her commitment to a country, a woman so determined to make a difference in the world…and did…wanted no eulogies? This woman possessed a great deal of humility. She did more for Israel than any other person did. She built relationships with her people, felt for each one that passed away, and did all she could with the power and energy she had remaining. Many presidents I know of today, and even some in the past, do not even nearly come close to Golda Meir. They are in mostly for the politics, and yes, sometimes do make accomplishments-but are they really in it for the welfare of the people themselves, like Meir was? Golda, through her dedication to the cause, gave Jewish people hope. Her attitude was uplifting, and her success made Jews proud to have her as a representative of their community and to call her a Jew.

Gershon Fradkin, the director of the Foreign Training Department of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Extension service, wrote a tribute to Golda Meir saying

“Whether as Ambassador, Minister or Prime Minister, to everyone in Israel she was Golda, as she was for the many students she met and talked with. She had simplicity of manner and a talent for immediate heart-to-heart contact, which made it easy to talk to her. In my travels in Africa through the years I met with eloquent testimony to the love and admiration which she inspired - the many children who bear the name Golda.”

Meir’s love for Israel was immeasurable and everlasting. Her name, Meir, in Hebrew, means light. For sure this is a name that exactly describes her as a person. A light unto the country, a light unto the people, and a light unto the Jewish Nation as a whole, forever.

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